For good times and……

He shuffled, yes he did. Parkinson’s does that to people. His wife watched. He reached the  washbasin, picked the brush and the toothpaste.The paste oozed out and spilled,  while the other hand tried to hold the brush steady. He flinched but his wife gave him a thumbs up and together they renewed their wedding vows.


Often we think of marriage as  journeys together and fun times. But a marriage also means of being there for each other whatever the situation may be.

Wriiten as a part of write tribes-55 fiction, genre chosen- Love.
Write Tribe


32 thoughts on “For good times and……

  1. “Marriage is not a simple love affair.It is an ordeal, and the ordeal is the sacrifice of ego to a relationship in which two have become one.” Joseph Campbell This message has been beautifully brought out in the short fiction.

  2. Lovely post.. Simply heart touching.. And the thought as well is beautiful.. I have a relative who has Parkinsonism and her husband carries her to place if she cannot go there.. Indeed a lucky woman I must say..!! And true love is only when you except each other in bad and difficult times..!!

  3. Lovely thought and so very true too. The essence of any good relationship is in being there for each other more in adversity than in good times.

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