7 Days

Fridays I jump up from the bed with a happy song. It is a holiday and a special day wherein the body follows the heart.

Saturday is a weary day. The activities of the previous day have battered self. So slow I move, all at a leisurely pace. A saving grace that the others have to go to school and work and so I have some time for myself.

Sundays are the days to clean. Arrange everything that is scattered everywhere. Sundays are also days to prepare.

Mondays are hurry-burry days. Days of us women meeting up and then discussing on the Bhagvad Gita. And then later it is some talking on mundane and food.

Tuesdays we meet up to honor the Guru. Read some scriptures one amongst many.

Wednesdays are the day for planning. Preparing for children’s class the next day. Some new game, a play, oh there is so much you can do in a way.

Thursday is the day of anticipation, The weekend is about to begin. Clean and keep everything shiny for the fun in the evening and next day.

So how are your 7 days?


* We have our weekly ‘off’ on Fridays here.

I am taking part in the seven day blogging challenge at Write tribe 1st to 7th September 2013WTFestivalofWords

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