7 favorite shlokas

It has been some three years or so since I have started reading Bhagvad Gita. No, I don’t claim that I have read it in-depth, yet. Because every time I read something again, I discover something new. And every time it fills me with energy anew. Here are the seven shlokas which I like the most. The first number is the chapter number and the digits which follow after the decimal indicates the shloka in the chapter. So here goes:

Bhagavad Gita: Krishna and Arjuna in the midst of the two armies.

9.26 patram puspam phalam toyamyo me bhaktya prayacchati
tad aham bhakty-upahrtam asnami prayatatmanah

If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.

Now that gives me a lot of confidence. The fact that the Lord wants just devotion from me, makes my faith stronger.

8.5 anta-kale ca mam eva smaran muktva kalevaram
yah prayati sa mad-bhavam yati nasty atra samsayah

And whoever, at the time of death, quits his body, remembering Me alone, at once attains My nature. Of this there is no doubt.

This for me is quite inspiring. The fact that I can come out of this birth death loop fills me with joy.


2.13 dehino ‘smin yatha dehe kaumaram yauvanam jara
tatha dehantara-praptir dhiras tatra na muhyati

As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A self-realized soul is not bewildered by such a change.

The fact that death is inevitable has been so beautifully expressed here and the truth that body is just like a garment which has to be thrown after its term is over.

12.17 yo na hrsyati na dvesti na socati na kanksati
subhasubha-parityagi bhaktiman yah sa me priyah

One who neither grasps pleasure or grief, who neither laments nor desires, and who renounces both auspicious and inauspicious things, is very dear to Me.

We live in moments. If things move as per our plans/desires, it fills us with joy, if not we grieve but the point is nothing lasts forever. One who remembers that in any situation is indeed a balanced person.

9.22 ananyas cintayanto mam ye janah paryupasate
tesam nityabhiyuktanam yoga-ksemam vahamy aham

But those who worship Me with devotion, meditating on My transcendental form–to them I carry what they lack and preserve what they have.

There are days when limitations shackle me and suddenly everything falls in place like a jigsaw puzzle being completed on its own. Those times I remember this shloka

4.34 tad viddhi pranipatena pariprasnena sevaya
upadeksyanti te jnanam jnaninas tattva-darsina

Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized soul can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the truth.

It is my belief a good teacher can make a student great. Yes parents teach too but it is a teacher with whom a student understands better. The other point worth noting in this shloka is ‘submissive inquiry’. Only humility can help us in getting answers.

18.66 sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja
aham tvam sarva-papebhyo moksayisyami ma sucah

Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear.

And this is my absolute favorite. The fact that HE will take care fills me with immense joy. Here dharma does not just mean religion it means whatever you are involved with, whatever profession you are in, it does not matter. Just be connected with ME.

So which are your favorites?


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* Picture and translation courtesy asitis.com

28 thoughts on “7 favorite shlokas

  1. All are gems.Still this oft quoted sloka appeals to me as a guide
    karmanyevaadhikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana |
    maa karmaphalaheturbhuu maatesangotsvakarmani ||
    A person has the right towards action alone and not towards the fruit of action. Let not the fruit of action be the motive for acting. Also, Let there not be any attachment to inaction.

  2. This is one quote that tug at my heart-strings! I wish I could follow it! Thanks for coming up with such an enlightening post.

    One who neither grasps pleasure or grief, who neither laments nor desires, and who renounces both auspicious and inauspicious things, is very dear to Me.

  3. I go normally for the all-time favorite – “karmanyeva adhikaraste ma phalesu kadacana”. But then it is approximately the same message as “yo na hrsyati..” isn’t it?

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