To die or not to die

As I sit in front of my  laptop trying to think what I can write about Suicide prevention, there are a number of thoughts which cross my mind. We hear things like ‘quitting life is cowardice, living is being brave’ etc but who knows what is going through a person’s mind/life when he/she tries to commit suicide. Maybe he could not carry on, maybe it was hard to carry on.

When I look back there have been numerous times when I have felt like ending my life, so much that I started feeling that maybe I have suicidal tendencies. But then the major point which helped me is everything was not destined  to be the way I wanted it  to be. Life always has some other plans.

Second, it is not always necessary to win. someone has to lose to appreciate those who have won.

Third, if you have suicidal tendencies. please take help. Confide in your friends, go visit a psychiatrist.

Fourth; We teach children to win, to come first. Teach them also to take life with a pinch of salt. Being competitive is good but being over zealous of winning is not.

Fifth: You may think that your condition is worse but you forget that your condition may have been more worse.

Sixth: Nothing comes easy in this world. the only difference is some struggle more, some less.

I have a simple LSD formula which may help anyone:

Laugh; It does not matter if it is a PJ, laugh. You will see when you laugh even the mountains of despair seem trivial. If you simply cannot laugh, go and join a laughter club.

Share: Share with friends, parents, family. Share what you can with family and if you cannot then share with friends. In this big, bad world there will be definitely someone who will listen to you. And if you are a believer then go and share with God. Don’t laugh you will see how windows are opened and doors are unlocked. I believe that spirituality gives you the confidence and tranquility needed for tough situations.

Discover; Discover moments. Discover opportunities, discover self. You will be amazed at your own resources. When the outside world fails, discover your inner strengths.

I may seem patronizing. You may say, ‘Huh, what does she know of failure. Sitting and typing away is so easy’ but believe me, my dear, I have seen it too. Most of us do. Everyone does not get what he/ she envisaged.

Trivia: It is said that a soul will be hanging upside down on a branch of a tamarind tree in pitraloka. It’s condition will be so horrendous that it will cry out, ‘Please someone give me a body, let me go to bhuloka‘. And if it is lucky a set of parents will decide to give it a body. That is why it is said, “pitro devo bhava’. They are ‘deva’ to have rescued you from such a fate. So when one decides to end life for any reason, think of their position, their trauma. And think of yourself, this time you may not be lucky enough to be hanging on that tamarind tree, your fate may be worse.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day2013_wspd_banner_english

44 thoughts on “To die or not to die

  1. I’ve read that many victims do not commit suicide because they want to. All they want is to stop hurting. You’ve rightly said that sometimes we need to take life with a pinch of salt and laughing is the best form of medicine.

  2. No one would commit suicide happily rt? They are in a horrific state of mind to take such extreme measures. As you rightly mentioned keeping oneself surrounded with humor and spirituality help!

  3. We live only once and I always believe no matter how hard the is situation there is always a bright side and Suicide is just an excuse when we are not able to take failure and disappointments the way it is meant to be taken….Suicide is in no means a solution and we should never think of it..
    Great Post.. 😀

  4. Very good post. The six points you mentioned are very apt and the LSD formula of yours is good too. Mostly when we read things like these, all we think is that what are these things gonna do but the truth is when you are low, these things actually help a lot.

  5. It must be so difficult for someone to overcome their pain that they decide to end their life. Help may not always be available at hand and a lot of it depends on timing…. its almost always in the moment….

    • Absolutely. Suicide is often the result of one weak moment.
      A person has to keep on hearing that suicide is no solution. Amd as it is said, God helps those who helps themselves. Being positive, surrounding ourselves with loke minded people.. al these steps are to be done by self and not by any other.

  6. Taking the downs of life with a smile helps us to be strong!
    And teaching them to the younger generation is a must, coz nowadays kids doesn’t even realize that life is not always pretty and beautiful!

  7. People in extreme depression with a weak mind resort to suicide to end their misery.They are incapable of thinking rationally.One can see signs of depression in such cases especially the family members.They need professional help.Nothing else works.

  8. So true, Bhagya. Sometimes compassion, humor, sharing with others can help us come out of the deepest blues. My own mother suffered from depression. I did not understand the subject very well back then. And my family sought professional help. It helped that my father was strong behind her in support.

    • The simplest of problem looks like a mountain at night but as soon as the first rays of sunshine the mountain looks like a straw; Sometimes a problem assumes gigantic proportions just because we think a lot on it. Better to move out and laugh a little
      We have a couple of cases of suicide in our family Rachna. Never understood why they ended their life but the aftermath is felt till now

  9. If everyone could understand that everything is not the way one wants, no suicide would ever happen, Bhagyashree. Engaging more with the world and being brave enough to accept what life offers is the best way forward.

  10. You have summed it so well, Bhagyashree. We have at some point or another gone through suicide ideation and let’s face our problems like mighty men and women. You have detailed your strong arguments and like the way you’ve put them across. Great job.

  11. I always quote your second point to my children, esp. my elder son, when he was coming first in his class, almost all the time. I wanted him to come second or third at least once in a while because I was afraid if he would have a strong mind to face that..

    During depression, others can help to some extent, but we should try our best and make up our mind and tell ouselves that we will come out of this situation, given time. We should tell ourselves that this phase will go. It worked for me. Yes, it is very tough, I know.

    You have analysed the subject very well, Bhagya.

    • The readership of blogs is very thin. At least in India people having internet is still less. The point is to create awareness. Even if one person is saved, it is a big acheivement

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