A bit of this and a bit of that

‘Whattttttt, you don’t know whatsapp….Really’, said my friend.

Actually I do know what is that but then I  wanted to have some at her misery. I can be wicked at times, can’t I?

So I made an innocent face with eyes as big as saucers and nodded a ‘no’.

‘Dropbox??”, she asked in shock.

‘What is that?’, I asked

‘Huh’, she sat on the edge of her seat. ‘Twitter, skype, Facebook…’

‘Oh those all  I know’, I said with a smile.

She relaxed a bit. And her palm fell on my mobile. She picked it up and said, ‘What!! You don’t have a smartphone??’

I smiled sweetly.

‘How do you pass time then, that too you are a housewife’, she said.


That was it. I mean I may not be working, but the amount I work may shame the busiest of persons. And yes while the ‘working women’ may have spare time to chat on facebook or whatsapp or whatever, i barely have time to open the windows of my bedroom and talk to my neighbour.

‘Do you know how to make kashayam powder’, I asked.

‘huh’, was all that she could say.

‘Do you know the cleaner of our building is sick and what is more he has not been paid for the last two months’

Her mouth was wide open.

‘No I am not on friendly terms with him but I found him sick and ever since he is having food with us’, I said.

I continued. ‘Do you know your daughter came the other day as she had some doubts with her homework. You were at home but you must have been busy with whatsApp or whatever. And because we were having some snacks, she said she is hungry and sat down with us and she said she was fed up of McCains chips and McDonald burgers.’

She got up angry, ‘She could have asked me, I would have always helped her.’

‘Sit down’, I said. I did not want her to get angry on the poor child.

After I saw that she had calmed down, I added, ‘I may not know what is happening in the world but I do know what is happening around me.’

She averted her gaze.

Revenge I tell you is sweet. : D

*part fiction

** this post is not meant to belittle working woman or any of the modern day applications.

22 thoughts on “A bit of this and a bit of that

  1. You did a nice thing using an innocent query to drive home the point that many miss in their craze for gadgets and their games/diversions.I liked your story best.

  2. I don’t know what a dropbox is. Sacchi!
    You made your point well. We are living in times of smart phones and (some) not-so-smart people. 😛

  3. Me too I don’t know what is WHATS APP and Drop Box-though the latter is on ma fone. A friend convinced me to download whatsapp and she successfully failed. I am not getting into it as it’s too much and don’t wanna know bout it. Lovely write up:)

  4. Whatsapp is a wonderful app available in certain types go phones.You save on SMS and can send any number of messages within and outside country free to those who have whatsapp..But one must have Wifi I think.

  5. True bhagyashree. My posts have become less frequent coz now I am a stay at home mom .I just don’t seem to have time on my hands. U r right when u say busier than the busiest . Phew !

  6. Aah!!! Of course it is not belittlening anyone….what was said had to be said!!! I mean I always believe that no particular job is more difficukt or easier than the other and we shud respect what others do!!

    Loved the narrative!

    Came here after a long time 🙂

    • You have been missed sorely and very happy to see you.
      Respect for the other irrespective of whether she works or not is important. I know some people who look down upon me or with pity just becoz I have opted not to work

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