An evening well spent

In an opinionated world; I sit alone musing, hearing.

Someone has to listen too. But sometimes the listening and the observing gets on the nerves, You can’t always be passive, can you.

We had been invited for a get-together a sort of potluck. It was nice. Everyone were meeting after a long time, The men were busy with their ‘talks’ as women were busy with their ‘gossip’. I haven’t really understood ever why men talk and women gossip. I mean don’t men gossip and women talk. But let us not get involved with all that.

I love to observe. But then I suppose you already know that. So here were women adjusting their Tees and men showing off their current affairs while the kids were having a ‘free’ time. Running here and there, knocking things and climbing everything which could be climbed.

And I remembered a time when parents just had to show their eyes and kids would sit quietly. Not that I approve of that system but I did not approve of ‘this’ system

I mean kids were running about knocking things, one of the kids opened the door of the refrigerator and took some chocolates, another opened the door of the wardrobe. And one of the kids had got on the arm rest of the sofa and from there to the table and was trying to take the clock. I couldn’t control myself and called out his mother who came at her leisurely pace and said , ‘Beta, what are you doing?’. The boy said, ‘Mamma I want to see that clock’.

‘No beta, go and play with some toy’.

The conversation went on. The hostess was sweating by then that her prized clock may not survive and Me?? I was fuming.

I mean yes children do have rights but manners, who will teach them that?

There are some who will not allow their children to touch anything at their place. Everything is placed beyond the kids reach. But once they land on others property, everything becomes the property of the kids.

The basic courtesy of offering a seat to any elder, eating in a dignified way rather than piling up food high on your plate and hogging as if there is no tomorrow, all these basic courtesies have to be taught at home right.

Sonny dear was still hanging on to the clock. mommy dear was still placating. The other kids had also decided to be more adventurous. The proud mammas and the prouder papas beamed. The host and the hostess were sweating so profusely that the air of the central A/C didn’t even manage to air them.

And Me? I was tired of observing.

I got up. I had thought of relaxing today but knew that my brief sojourn was over.

‘Children want to play’, I asked. The hostess sighed in relief.

‘No, we are enjoying ourselves’, one of the monsters said.

‘All of you either come with me or you go without food’, I said. Some of the mothers glared at me. I knew that I will never be invited to their homes anymore.

There was silence. The host sat down in relief. I marched into another room, The kids followed me. We sang, we played and in the midst of it all I tried to tell them about basic courtesies and manners. When it was time to eat I asked the mothers to bring some food for their kids. And the children all sat in that room eating in harmony.

When it was time to go, the children all bade me farewell; some with a handshake, some with a kiss. The adults….some ignored me, some turned their face.

The hostess hugged me tight and whispered in my ear, ‘I am sorry that your evening was spoiled but I am so grateful to you for saving our evening.’

I just hugged her back. It is not necessary to be always vocal, isn’t it?




21 thoughts on “An evening well spent

  1. Wow, and to think that you came up with this post as a fictional piece. Until I saw the * at the end, I did not suspect for one moment that this was a fictional post and not something that happened for real…

    Nice post…

  2. This may be a fiction written by you but is happening everywhere.Only thing missing is some one like the lady who to the delight of the hostess retrieved the situation from becoming worse by gently taking the kids away like the Pied Piper of Hamelin.
    Very nicely written

  3. End said it was a fiction. 😀 But if I see something like that happening , I’ll actually do it what the guest did. Sacchi! I get so irritated by such behaviour. Yes, they’re kids but teach them some manners… I’ve had such kids at my home several times and got my precious things broken so I can understand.

  4. Kids get mischievous only due to boredom . They need a way to effectively spend their time and what was done was very very apt.

    • Boredom…now I can right a thesis on that. Children are so much used to having their mobiles, their PSPs, computer games around them that they do not know what to do without them. Playing with others, make believe games, talking are all passe I guess

  5. Yes, children behave distructively when they are bored. If the parents think that their children would be bored at the place they visit, they should take some books along with them for the children to read at least. Or somebody like you should be there to entertain them!

  6. It is fiction but true. Some parents don’t care to teach the basics and it’s their responsibility to ensure that the kids behave. Like u said, kids can be involved in creative activities and being invited to someone house doesn’t mean you should take over. Cheerz for this one:)

  7. This is the scenario in many homes when kids go on a rampage in the name of enjoyment!Appears more a reality than fiction, Bhagyashree:)

  8. is fiction.. Bhagya, I thought it was real you know 🙂 and was so jealous of you..I can never get to play with kids and engage them 😛
    But you so echoed my thoughts…not observing, I feel like slapping such kids..even if they are mine…ufff…lemme cool down

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