If only…..

I looked at myself. Turned right and left. Sucked in my cheeks, pulled in my breath. Wore black and blue. Wore a knot and then left the hair loose. Nothing helped.

I tried some more. IΒ  walked near to the mirror, I walked far. I crossed my legs, i crossed my arms. Nothing helped.

Then I held my handbag on one arm, a scarf in another. Nothing helped.

‘Maybe we should buy another mirror, this one is no good’, the wise one joked. I glared at him, he turned hurriedly away.

Oh my lost figure, if only you were here.


Post written for 100 words on Saturday at Write Tribe. The prompt this week being if only you were here.There will be a lot of serious posts on the prompt so thought of bringing in some humor. Hope you liked it.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

48 thoughts on “If only…..

  1. Good one.
    You are correct: there will be lots of serious and/or sentimental posts in response to this prompt. Your post will be one of the rays of sunshine (I’m optimistically hoping there will be some other humorous posts) among the dark clouds!

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