Stranger in the dark


Aditi came from her tutorials and opened the main door of the house with her keys. Her parents had gone to attend the wedding of a friend’s daughter in the next town and would be coming home very late. Her mother had told that she would be keeping food ready. She just had to pop it into the microwave.

She stepped inside, at the same time there was a thud and the power of the whole street went. ‘Maybe the transformer has burst’, she thought.

It was a moonless night. Even the stars were not twinkling tonight. Aditi felt a sudden wave of fright. The air in the room was stale, the windows being closed since afternoon but she dare not open it now. In individual houses there was always the threat of burglars and she being alone had to take care of her safety.

She heard a sound of plip plop and froze. Now what was that noise. But common sense prevailed and she remembered that the kitchen tap was leaking. She switched on the torch in her cellphone and edged forward.

But at the same time she heard a screech. The sound of a motorbike stopping when brakes are applied suddenly.. She came back to the living room and peeked out from the window.

A tall figure had got down from the bike and was speaking to another who was driving. Then both waved a bye and vroom’ the bike went out. But the figure in a dark coat stepped inside the gate.

Aditi trembled. Who could it be. The figure wore an over-sized coat.Β  A cap and a muffler. And he walked as if he didn’t want to be seen. She shuddered, There were enough cases heard of molestation and rape. She had to protect herself.

She dialed the number of her neighbor, Mrs. Bannerjee, ‘Aunty’, she spoke, ‘I am all alone at home, there is someone coming towards the door. What do I do now?’, she sobbed.

Aunty advised her to stay calm and that she was coming.

Thak-thak, thak-thak‘, the stranger knocked on the door. Aditi shuddered and then started reciting Hanuman chalisa.

Thak-thak, thak thak‘, the stranger knocked again a bit louder this time. And then there was a ‘plonk‘. Bannerjee aunty had come from behind and banged a fry pan on the strangers head.Β  He had fallen down. With a whoop of delight Aditi opened the door and focused the torch on the strangers face.

It was Manish, her classmate.

‘I came to give you some company as there is no power in the whole area and this in the reward I get’, Manish yelled on gaining consciousness.

‘You could have told your name or you could have called me on my mobile’, protested Aditi.

‘I didn’t want to attract attention by yelling names’, Manish said rubbing his head, ‘And there is no credit in my mobile to call you’, he added sheepishly.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. The theme this week is;

This weekend your post must contain at leastΒ five sound words!

The sound words used in this post are- plip plop- the sound of water dripping

Thud- sound of a transformer bursting.

Screech- the brakes of a motorbike when applied suddenly.

Vroom of a motorbike,

Thak-thak the sound of knocking on wooden door.

Plonk, the fry pan hitting on head

Hope you enjoyed this story.

22 thoughts on “Stranger in the dark

  1. Such a nice cute take on the WoW prompt, was smiling at poor Manish’s fate. these are days when a favor also needs to be informed in advance before being done πŸ˜‰

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