Random Ramblings

The past few days have been busy but then festive seasons are like that. It has been a time when personal pursuits have been pushed aside.  But this year has been unique in many ways. First of all I didn’t worry myself on cleaning the home for Diwali. My modus operandi being to clean the house every now and then and decluttering before it clutters up.

Secondly I didn’t cook up a storm. The other two lose interest in whatever snacks have been made by the end of two days. Which meant inches being added to my already overburdened waistline. So this time the bhog offered to the Lord was minimum. Also Damodar  month being on, we visit so many houses and sample so many sweets that for the next two months at least I am sure I have an aversion for anything with sugar or jaggery in it.

We had Damodar at our place too. Around 20 people were invited. Now cooking for Damodar is something which I enjoy a lot. Though I still get tense that maybe the food will not be enough or maybe the salt will be more but I feel such fulfillment cooking for the Lord that I cannot describe. Already two days are over but the euphoria continues.


An old friend who had left the island returned some months back, I was so excited to be with her once again. We met, we spoke and then I realized that we have changed. The old connect was no longer felt. I was sad and I mourned over it for days and then when we met on the day we had Damodar at our place I realized it was not her but me who has changed.  Shallow talks, moving aimlessly do not interest me anymore. Was I hurt? Was I upset? No, I was not. I was happy that I have finally grown up and it is the right time to put another giant step ahead.  Now what is that giant step….Keep guessing. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. Ah, had to google Damodar! Glad that you enjoyed Diwali. I, on the other had, made besan laddoos and kachoris that the kids relished. But you are right, I am feeling sick of mithais now :). Yes, I have felt that way with some friends too. Somehow, things are just not the same anymore.

    • But I have given the link to the details Rachna, you just had to click on Damodar.
      I saw the pics of the kachoris and laddoos. Besan laddoos are my absolute favorite especially when my sis makes them 😀

  2. Good that you are on the verge of a giant step.It must be a good one. You can share it with the readers at the right time.To have Damodar puja at one’s home and make a feast for about 20 people is a challenging and pleasing task.Well done.

  3. Oh great! I wasn’t aware that the month of Karthik is also known as the month of Damodar. I loved the de-cluttering before it clutters up part. Indeed an effective way to minimize work load during festive season. 🙂

    • In Vaishnava calendar, the last month of Chaturmas is known as Damodar month. Actually it starts fifteen days before kartik.
      I used to get exhausted cleaning up Rekha, so have adopted this technique from some years. I deliberately have kept minimal furniture so that there is no space for things to accumulate. And give away/ throw things not used.

  4. Glad you had a nice festival. Happy Diwali, Bhagya. I wanted to make Almond Burfi..however, the almonds soaked, microwaved, could not get my son to peel the skin off, finally they go into the friz 🙂
    Things have changed, or is it we? I feel the same way with many with whom I have worked with and spend so much time together until few days back..

    • Both Latha. Both have changed. I got in touch with so many friends from college and school in fb but nowadays hardly interact with any. Years have passed, we have separate interests and other than cursory hello, how are you, there is nothing in common 😦

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