The smell of sustenance

Insulted, beaten, cursed I withdraw to my dark corner. There seems to be no respite to my bad luck, fortune still does not seem to bless me with either a knight in shining Armour or a wonderful job somewhere far.

From my limited possessions I take out ‘Emma’ by Jane Austen. A copy which was rescued from the neighbors garbage.Β  I open it up and take a deep breath. The smell of the old book invigorates me. I open it and start reading it yet again. Till the time I find an escape, I escape to the world of Emma.


Fiction in 100 words written for Writetribe Wednesday. This time the prompt was the smell of old books. I have adapted the prompt to The smell of the old book. Hope it is acceptable.

Write Tribe

Some of us have the comfort of having a career or giving it a miss.Some have the luxury of a home where in our views are respected
While some still have to struggle for an existence

32 thoughts on “The smell of sustenance

  1. That was a good outlet till the shining knight in armour or a well paid job is found!!!
    Lucky to get Emma from garbage with its smell intact.A sweet small story

  2. good read as usual!! I finally did a post to a prompt from write tribe…hope i can keep up! Your posts have been motivating me to work on my writing..thanks

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