She moved out with a smile. She had never thought that she could manage that. This time, she raised the bar to her limits.

A contract killer she usually remained anonymous to her victims but today she did not. It helped that she knew the target. It was a pleasure to be hired to kill your enemy. To kill someone you hated so much upfront, felt nice. Ah, the look of horror…she had enjoyed that.  Now on she knew it would never be anonymous..it would always be forthright. Yes, from now on the victims would know who was killing them.


Shocked on reading this? Well the theme for Write over the weekend at blogadda is This time she raised the bar…Well the woman in this story raised the bar of her own standards, didn’t she….:)

26 thoughts on “Upgrade

  1. Is it the thrill of seeing extreme fear in the eyes of victim that made the killer raise her bar?How morbid?At least this time the victim was hated by her.What about unknown innocent(to her) victims?

  2. A hired lady assassin . it’s a bit unbelievable as a lady is afraid of a cockroach. I like Rekha’s version of killing mosquitoes.

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