Had I looked back…..

‘You really do not know to make a cootie catcher’, our six-year-old asked his father,

‘No’, said the father.

‘Alright then, pay attention’, he said and  began folding a paper.

Cootie catcher, ready to play

We  exchanged happy smiles. Little did the brat know that his father was feigning. There is so much joy in learning from a child.

We sat in content silence. Had I looked back, I would have seen the years of adjustment and misunderstandings in our journey as a couple. Rome was not built-in a day, neither is our relationship. We built it little by little and it stands erect today.


But then relationships are built like that. Written as a part of 100 words on Saturday for Writetribe. The prompt this time Had I looked back

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe


Image source; hubpages.com

22 thoughts on “Had I looked back…..

  1. So very true!! In a relationship we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s comforting to go hand in hand and the journey becomes more beautiful that way! Lovely take on the prompt!

  2. A beautiful post. Relationships are like trees. It is very easy to pluck them in the early days, but one the grow old they become tall, wide and most importantly deep rooted. Loved reading the post.

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