Some injuries save life

Akbar once got hurt while hunting. Birbal remarked that everything happens for good.  An infuriated Akbar jailed  Birbal.

While hunting in the forest the next day Akbar got separated from his retinue. The tribals in the forest were preparing for a sacrifice and for that they wanted a whole  human. Akbar was captured. But it was noticed that he was injured. Akbar was set free.

Akbar returned and released Birbal. Birbal  exclaimed that Akbar’s injury had been a blessing in disguise for both of them. If he had been with Akbar in the forest he would have been surely sacrificed.


An oft told story for 100 words on Saturday 11 at Writetribe the prompt being Blessing in disguise.100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

22 thoughts on “Some injuries save life

  1. I always tell this to myself . But there are scenarios in life that we cannot bring ourselves to apply this like loss of lives, loved ones , terminal illnesses etc. But then in the big picture everything should have a reason and maybe much beyond our knowledge barriers.

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