500nd old

I patted the child back to sleep and tiptoed my way out of the room. Once out of the room, I hurried to the kitchen when I missed seeing the drops of water on the floor, stepped on it, slipped and fell down. And then I cried. With my knees hugged close to my chest, my head on my knees, I cried.

It is not easy to be managing everything single-handed with a demanding child. It becomes more difficult if you do not have a help and want to do everything perfectly and on time.

The better half came and sat beside me and asked, ‘Are Β you hurt?’

I did not say anything. What could I say anyways. The stress was building up and I did not know how to let it go. Looking back I wonder whether it was just too much work or the fact that I was always bound up at home without any outlet.

He helped me back on my feet and asked, ‘Want to go back to work?’.

I shuddered. I thought of running behind deadlines, crazy schedules and a tiny tot and said a vehement ‘no’.

I had been a working woman and my work had never given me any satisfaction so why would I go back Β when the kid was small.

When he came back for lunch, he saw me busy on the laptop. ‘What is this blog thing?’, I asked.

‘Huh,’ he said, ‘I don’t know much but everyone seems to be doing that. Why what happened?’, he asked.

‘Reading V didis post, she writes so well’, I said.

‘Why don’t you start writing too’, he said.

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. And in this case the husband’s heart.

And so Searching self was born. It spent its 1st year in blogspot and then it moved on to wordpress because mamma liked using smileys and blogger then did not have that facility.

Initially I wrote tiny tidbits of life, some blast from the past. some spicy happenings. But then the ‘Dil’ wanted more. And I stepped into fiction.

Five years and five hundred posts later, I feel sane. I may not have published a book nor do my followers run in thousands but what matters is that I am still around. Writing has given a direction to life or should I say my life got a life. I am calmer and more peaceful.

I am happy that I made it so far without much networking or marketing or for that matter without much winning too πŸ˜‰ I rarely take part in contests and those that I have, I have won but once.

I do not know what I will write next, I do not know whether I will write at all but I know that I will follow what my heart says because sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye


Written in celebration of completing 5oo posts and also because Kajal gave the prompt

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

for Wednesday prompt at Writetribe.

Write Tribe

Thanks Kajal the prompt just fitted into my scheme of things πŸ˜‰

32 thoughts on “500nd old

  1. That is a wonderful journey you have made and you have left your mark in the blog world. It is not in winning prizes or in getting a big readership that you derive satisfaction though they are always welcome. I consider blogging is a vent to give expression to your thoughts, feelings and views then and there as they occur. When you put in writing you get clarity and even wiser. If in the process readers feel happy reading your posts, it is an extra bonus.
    Your writings are distinguished for their brevity, writing skill and excellent story telling. Keep it up.

    • Agree absolutely on the clarity part. The journey has been very enjoyable and hope that I will be able to entertain the readers in the future too πŸ™‚ Thanks for the support KP Sir

  2. Fantastic, Bhagya! 5 years! Hearty congrats. It has been a wonderful journey for you. I have always enjoyed reading your lovely stories that encompass so much in such few words. Wish you more happiness and love with blogging.

  3. Lovely post to round up a lovely number. Nice to know that something that started with you trying to do something a little more meaningful with your life has evolved into a place where your readers come over regularly to read interesting tit bits from your life. And your comments on my mythology related posts speak volumes for the treasure trove of knowledge you have in that field as well πŸ™‚ I am more than sure that the next 500 posts will be celebrated in double quick time πŸ™‚

  4. Wow! 5 years and 500 posts… a remarkable achievement πŸ™‚ I have always enjoyed reading your posts and I am looking forward to many more. Many congratulations.

  5. How lovely..Reema…500 posts!! That’s some achievement.

    I can absolutely sense what you are saying here…when I was lost completely in life…blogging gave me a way…it gave me a lease of life and I guess I am sold for life, now!!

    Thanks for using the prompt for this particular post…your 500th post …WOW!!

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