A family to care for…….

‘Why is it always your wishes that count Shikha, why don’t you ever consider my feelings’, Aryan said.

What about me, just when my career is taking off….’, I retorted.

This has been a regular now in our home, this blame game.Β 

He wants to start a family, I do not

We walk in silence to our respective cars when Aryan nudges me to see a family of stray dogs.

The mother licks her babies and feeds them.Β A puppy shivers, she snuggled closer.

‘Their father is not around but still see how she cares’, he said.

‘I want to have such a family Shikha, a family to cherish, a family to bond, a family to care for, am I wrong in asking for that’, he said with tears in his eyes.

And I understood.


Written for festival of words at write tribe. Today’s prompt is to write a fiction in just 9 sentences


37 thoughts on “A family to care for…….

  1. What did she understand?Aryan’s love for children?What about her career?Raising family should be by consensus and mutual convenience.Such things are happening in real

  2. I wish there can be a mutual agreement on their decision. Else, she is going to feel a lot of resentment for those future kids. That being said, the post IS fiction πŸ™‚

    • LOL Shailaja. There have been very strong responses here but the point is fiction. He tries to make her understand his views, she does, what happens later, who knows πŸ˜‰

  3. Rearing a child is somthing thats called a ‘huge responsibility’ today ! Its seen as a responsibility and a reason for sacrifice. The joy that being a family brings is often forgotten.

    • Absolutely true Jaish. The joy that a child brings is termed as responsibily and sacrifice, which is sad. True it is a responsibility but a child opens up a wide new world for us

  4. Bringing children into the world should be a joint decision and should bring both joy. Neither should feel pressured. Children should bring joy not be a source of resentment. Let’s hope it isn’t the latter.

  5. She decides to sacrifice her dreams of a career , for the family ? Here’s hoping that he understand her as much as she understands him. That’s important, for the family (Kids included) to be happy πŸ™‚ Good food for thought, you’ve given !

  6. Relationships such as these survive on compromises. Compromises are way of human life. Nothing new. However, the one who gives in more should be handled more delicately and with loads of importance, i believe.

    • True. The story ends at the point when she understands him. I haven’t inferred that she will have a baby. Maybe they will have a talk, maybe they will have a baby, who knows πŸ™‚

  7. These days having a kid is considered, and I think rightly so, a huge responsibility. Both partners need to understand each other’s concerns and position to take a decision! Lovely write up!

  8. just yesterday I saw the movie SHAADI KE SIDE EFFECTS & this was the scenario they showed there too. The boy was not ready but said ok to please his wife & there were some huge incidents in their lives. It might be a movie only but the message was clear – both the partners need to agree before having a child!

  9. Aah! A compromise. Wish it was a mutual decision! Incidentally, I saw Shaadi Ke Side Effects yesterday too and the above comment by dreamzandclouds is spot on!

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