A review or not?

I haven’t read any ‘commercial’ book in the last 2-3 years but then that is not news for you, is it? The only books that I read nowadays is Bhagvad Gita and Srimad Bhagvatham and then some Srila Prabhupada’s books. All such distinguished books, who am I to review them? Neither do I have that much knowledge nor authority to even try to review them. They are books on life science and glorification of the Lord, who am I to review that.

But then Writetribe’s Festival of Words is on and today’s prompt is do a book review. So what should I do?writetribe_festival_words_3

Today I will do something else. I am going to review a book cover. Yes you read it right, a review about a book cover.

There are about six major points in this cover which are to be understood

  • The horses– The horses are symbolic of our senses. Unbridled they run here and there. Arjuna had five horses for his chariot and they are representatives of our five senses.
  •  The reign and the whip– The reign is our mind. If we keep thinking of positive things our senses too will be in control. If we think of hearing good things; we will. If we want to see good; we will etc. The whip is the direction that the reign has to give to the horses. Or in other words the mind should give direction to our senses and not vice versa.
  • Krishna -Our intelligence. Whenever our mind or senses slip our intelligence should bring us back on track.
  • Arjuna is the soul in the chariot of the body
  • The Lord will be your torch-bearer if you just let Him be:  When Duryodhan went to ask Krishna for his army, Krishna was sleeping. So he sat near His arms thinking that He would open his eyes and look at him. Arjuna came to get the blessings of Krishna and he sat near His feet; massaging them. Duryodhana laughed thinking that Arjuna had lost his chance. Krishna opend his eyes and looked at Arjuna first. And then He asked him what he wants. Arjuna says, ‘You, my lord’. And humbly touches his feet. Duryodhana laughed again for he gets the army.

But the point is the victory of Pandavas is not only because of  presence of Krishna but also because of His knowledge and His direction. How many of us will let the Lord lead the way in our lives?

The confidence of Arjuna is because he is with Krishna: At one point Arjuna loses the urge to fight for he cannot fight with his own people. And then he accepts Krishna as his Spiritual Master and the Lord asks him to fight because ‘He said so’. And Arjuna does so.

  • The setting of the scene-The narration of the Gita is not for either Pandavas or Kauravas. It is for both. The Lord is impartial to both. The knowledge of the Gita is for both the parties as it is narrated in the middle of the battlefield with Pandavas on one side and Kauravas on the other.

What else can you decipher from this book cover?

Disclaimer: The points mentioned above are taken from lectures of various Acaryas. I have just presented them here in my own words.

24 thoughts on “A review or not?

  1. I have grown up seeing the poster almost everyday of first eight years of my life. It was in my dad’s office. All I can say is the true meaning or significance of the poster is understood now. I will try to keep a small one at my workplace too. It is a wonderful reminder to the true essence of life.

    • Reminder it is Sugandha. So often we brush things off because it is not of our interest and sometimes things will be out in the open but we will refuse to see. This book cover is a reminder that the smaller details matter too.

  2. Rightly said.Who are we to review Bhagavatham or Gita? That would be presumptuous
    But your reviewing the cover was a master stroke giving the inner meaning of horses,Arjuna and Bhagavan Krishna Himself..Excellent job!!

    • Given that I don’t read any books nowadays, this was the only thing that I could do. An.d it was easy too. I just had to write in words what I heard from the various classes

  3. Simply Wow!! Have seen this picture so many times but never knew the significance of it till you mentioned here!! Thanks for an enlightening post, Bhagyashree 🙂

    • And it is interesting, isn’t it? Whne I had first heard it, I had thought that someday I would like to share it in my blog and with write tribe I could do that

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