I heard a knock and opened the door. The unexpected visitor just rushed in. ‘Thanks’, she said and then moved on to have a glass of water. ‘And you must have been busy with your busyness.Look at you untidy, disheveled and disorganized. No, no arguments. You are pathetic’, she said.

I glared at her but it didn’t make a difference to her. She went on from one topic to another. ‘Why can’t you leave me in peace’, I screamed.

‘How can I leave you alone. You are me and I am you, so how can I leave you’, she said.


Inner voice. alter ego, whatever you say… it never leaves us in peace, does it? And it pops out/speaks out when least expected.

Written for 100 words on Saturday at Write tribe.



23 thoughts on “Visitor

  1. Oh yes, the inner voice has this uncanny habit of popping up at unexpected times and can leave you pretty hassled and disgruntled despite the fact that is usually right!

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