Finding wings

I looked at the sheets once again. And thought of a strategy to cope with it.

Vikas kept on observing me and then yelled out, ‘Just do it’ and  I jumped and started doing it.

Well if you know me, I am a bit of a slow coach. I remember my mother being frustrated as I weighed, smelled, tasted, chewed and finally swallowed my food. By the time I was on my tenth morsel, everyone would have finished their meal and gone of to their respective rooms. And by the time I finished it, my siblings would have already slept.

I took part in a lot of drawing and painting competitions. And although I did it very well, I never finished it. Reason being I always finished it long after the time allotted and the organizers had reached their home.

No, I am not exaggerating. I am really that slow.

I have somehow done my graduation. And I do not know what to do next. Though My mother thinks that it is better that I get married. My father has his doubts. HE thinks that if I ge married to a man living alone, he will remain hungry if he depended on me or else all his earnings will be spent on restaurant bills. And if I go into a joint family the in-laws will surely disown me.

But me, I want to crack the CAT. You may laugh at me. But then most of my friends are doing this, so why not me. I am intelligent. Problem is with the speed. And so it is that Vikas has been trying to train me. But today he too is fed up.

‘I have to go Anu’, he says.

‘But I haven’t finished’, I protest.

‘You know na Anu, if your speed remains like this, you will never be able to crack this exam, don’t you’, he says.

I nod.

‘Then, why don’t you try to do it faster. Anyways I have to go. I have an interview’, he says and goes away.

I watch him with tear filled eyes. My only friend has enough of me too.

Sheetal Aunty gives him an angry look but Vikas ignores and goes away.

She comes near me and says, ‘Anu, I am going to my school..’

‘Alright Aunty, I will go home then’, I say.

‘No, no, I want you to come along with me today’, she says.

‘Who, me, why?’, I say.

‘Our school has these mobile vans which go to remote towns and villages thrice a week, its my team’s turn today and I want you to come with us. I will take permission from your mother’, she says.

I nod. We have known Sheetal Aunty for ages now and I know my mother will not have any objections.

I enjoy the drive. Away from the buildings, the lush greenery soothes me.

The mobile school is a success. As differently abled children smile and rush towards their trainers. I am filled with apprehension, ‘What am I doing here’, is my doubt.

The day progresses. I run here and there doing odd jobs. Bring a bag here, a tissue there. By late afternoon most of the trainers are tired and there is still time to go home. I see Sheetal Aunty needing a break, I go near her and she asks’, Can you handle for some time Anu, I just need to take a breather’

As I begin to write with the moppet who has the most adorable smile, I realize being a teacher is no mean feat.

Sheetal Aunty taps at my shoulder and I look up at her. ‘It is 5.30 pm…time to go’, she says. I am surprised, ‘ it was only 3 when I started. I had worked with four different kids since I started.

As we start our journey back. I have a sense of achievement. It has been ages since I felt that.

‘Do you think you found a vocation’, it is Aunty, ‘Everyone has a special gift Anu and I always knew that you would be a good trainer. Patience is what some kids need and you have enough of it.’

I smile at her. Yes, today I am happy. Today I know what I am good at.


We all have special talents. But very often we ignore that and just follow the herd.

Written for the Wednesday prompt ‘just do it‘ at Write tribe. I have used the prompt in both ways- literal as well as factualCartoon__4_Wednesday_preview


17 thoughts on “Finding wings

  1. You have weaved a story around the theme beautifully. Indeed, we should strive to pursue our dreams and leverage our strengths rather than be just another rat in the race.

    • Yes isn’t it? But I feel sometimes a person who is just 15 or so is not able to do so. Its an age where friends are more important. At that time if parents are friendly then it is fine…they may be able to guide or else…

      • Yeah, I agree. It is a very impressionable age and parents are not err, the ultimate source of authority. 🙂
        Nothing that friendly guidance and respect for the child’s free will can’t do, I am sure.

  2. I love your writing. Could you check out mine? Its called Hostages and Hostages: Revision #1 on my blog
    It would be much appreciated! ☺

  3. .Being slow is a flaw.But in some vocations patience and absence of hurry is essential.More so in a school where the children are slow learners..Sheethal aunty is smart in exploiting a weakness to advantage.A nice story

    • Yes I see more of BE and CA nowadays. Because MBBS takes time and is expensive. But we do not realise that after some time there will be just frustration because the taken line/ stream wont give any satisfaction.

  4. Loved the story. I was thinking that it was something about romance then found it has another theme for it. The remark on work culture is completely right on. 🙂

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