Lost and Searching

wpid-wowbadge1A person named Manav lost some valuable items in the by-lanes of Jeevan Society. The police found him in an incoherent state and what could be gathered from the bits and pieces that he spoke was;

That day itself he had joined his job and he found out that all his education had been  a waste. Since then he has been trying to find out what is really needed for a job.

He tried to help a small girl to climb  a tree. Her mother came and slapped him and told him never to touch a child again.

He wanted a meal but if he had a good meal, he could not eat for the next one week, his salary could not afford it.

He went to deliver a packet at his boss’s house, only to find out that the water hose was running though the garden was flooded with water. His  tenement received water only twice in a week.

Though Manav was mumbling a lot many things but the reporter could not gather more than these as she herself started searching for the things that Jeevan lost. If any reader finds any, he/she can please hand over the lost properties at the office address of this newspaper.



Written as a part of Write over the Weekend (WOW) an initiative for Indian Bloggers by blogadda. The theme this week was to

Invent a hot and sensational news headlines and write a story about it this weekend.

My post may not be hot and sensational but then that is how life is nowadays with mistrust, lack of compassion or common sense etc etc. I am on this search…are you?


6 thoughts on “Lost and Searching

  1. this is te problem we face, too much divide

    and hey great headline .. but in our nation i doubt if anyone will give it a second thought after reading it once 🙂

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