The Eavesdropper

Reblogging an old story

Searching Self

Mithila was parading down the hall when her husband Awadesh entered the house and stopped . On seeing him she too gave a provocative pose and said, ‘So how do I look?’
Mithila and Awadesh had been married for about 2 years now, She was an engineer with a telecom company, while he was an investment banker. Both were dynamic and hardworking. For now they had put any ideas of expanding their family on hold and were just having a good time.
‘Yeah it looks good, but why a ‘ghagra choli?’, he asked.
‘Arrey its Rupali’s wedding na, so I will be wearing this for one of the functions,, she replied.
Rupali was Awadesh’s cousin and her wedding was supposedly to be a grand affair as she was the youngest among the cousins. ‘Oh like that’, he murmured.
‘And then I thought….’, she continued
‘What?, he asked.
‘I thought I…

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