Still searching self

When you realize your true calling, there is a calmness in you. There is hope in the world and more tolerance towards all. And most important you see beyond the outward appearances of others and yourself.

Something of that sort has happened to me. Though I have enough ideas to write, the mood and mind are both complacent and take it easy. Some months back I would take on any challenge/prompt that I could see but not anymore. Why, you may ask. Simple it does not interest me anymore. I want to write for myself, I want to read what I learn, I want to reach out to people and tell them what I have learned. I know in that process, my readership may drop but who knows I may help someones quest.

So that is what I have decided for me and my blog. My blog will have snippets of what I learn, maybe from the classes I attend or from Bhagvad Gita and Srimad Bhagvatam. I may write fiction but then as usual it will  have some lesson in it.

And so I embark on a new journey at the service of Srila Prabhupada




6 thoughts on “Still searching self

  1. Your posts have always carried some good messages for the readers.They have never been flippant or intended to please.If there is a spiritual slant with stories from Bhagavatham and Gita,it would make a visit to your blog all the more enriching.Godspeed in all your endeavours.

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