Envy and faith

Have you experienced friendships suddenly going sour; of mentors suddenly turning their backs? Happens doesn’t it?

The Bhagvad Gita says that there are six enemies of mankind-lust, anger, pride, greed, envy and illusion. And these six are the gates to hell.

Lets leave the other five and concentrate on envy. The most noblest of men have displayed sense of envy. Whether it be holy men, men in power or martyred men, yes all have displayed signs of envy.

Envy just a four letter word and yet so potent. There can be so many reasons for envy as such. Feeling of superiority; feeling of inferiority, lack of confidence in self, insecurity. The present age of consumerism adds more fuel to it. ‘He must be earning well, look at the gadgets he has’, ‘my, my he owns an Aston Martin’, ‘What? second holiday of this year!!’, there are enough reasons for envy. In many ways envy is good too, it propels you to do better. But many times it destroys too.

You may ask how.

Many a times mentors have destroyed their protegés careers just because they feel that their protegé may surpass them. We forget that there is place for everyone in this planet and one need not pull the other down.

There are some off shots too like fault-finding. Sometimes when we become insecure by some other person we tend to find faults. Sometimes not only finding faults but making it a point to convey the same to the other person. If that person is strong enough, he/she may take it all in stride or else his/her confidence goes on a toss. Result both the person and fault finder become unhappy.

So how do we escape from envy? By faith. Faith in oneself and the maker. It is important to keep on reminding oneself that each one is made so for a purpose. If I am creatively deficient, I am good in other things and I should capitalise on that, rather than being envious of those who are good in creativity. Faith in God that HE made me so because he had a purpose for me, helps a lot.

When I look back on myself a few years back I feel ashamed of what a nervous wreck I was. The slightest faults would unnerve me, a negative comment would ruffle me. I have become calmer now. Yes, I am not a good cook, yes, I am not artistic at least not with paint and brush, yes I will never be a world-renowned author but I know I have made a difference in people’s lives and that is important not only for me but also to the world at large.

How did this transformation take place? It was gradual. God was kind enough that I had good association. Good shiksha Gurus (teachers) who nurtured me in what I was good at and most important faith. Faith works wonders. Try it out!!


Whatever you do, whatever you try, just have faith in yourself and the one above and wait for the transformation.


10 thoughts on “Envy and faith

  1. I assume that you have used the word envy to mean jealous.Jealousy is negative while envy can be positive.I can envy someone’s achievements or skills in sheer awe and joy.It may be a tribute to that person but at the same time serve as a goal post for my improvement.
    Jealousy is being unhappy at others attainments beyond what we possess and is corrosive in nature.This trait needs to be eschewed.
    With faith in one’s own ability and in God, seemingly impossible things can be achieved

    Nice little post!

  2. so very right mam.. it is our own shortcoming that we let anger , envy destroy things which we could have had if we had been patient..

    throught provoking post for sure ..

  3. Comparisons of our own personalities and efforts with somebody else’s have always been a bane as far as the human psyche is concerned. If everybody did their best without worrying about how others have performed their tasks, the world would be such a better place to live in.

    • But our nature and our insecurities are such that we are not able to remain neutral are we? Somehow or the other we are more bothered about others than ourselves

  4. Envious behaviour of ourselves is pretty easy to tackle and work upon. But envious people around are venomous and they affect you in a negative way. I’ve recently seen how a one-time best friend (read soul sister) started bitching behind my back just because I was promoted even though I was 5 years less in experience compared to her. Envious people are blind. They don’t see reasons to understand why someone is good or why someone is being rewarded for their efforts and competence. They just close their eyes, cook up stories by themselves and believe in exactly what they want to believe and not what the reality is. It was painful. It hurts. Even now. But I’m glad I learnt to move on.

    This felt like I was reading my own journal. We definitely ought to meet Bhagya! We have a lot common between us.

    • I had recently read a quote by Rumi: When I was young I was clever, I tried to change the world. Now I am wiser and just try to change myself. 🙂
      Envy in some or the other form exists in all of us, we are not really envy-free. Neither can we ever change others, so better to change ourselves.
      Aren’t you a better. stronger person with your experiences now 🙂
      BTW I will be in Delhi on the 3rd of July. Milte kya?? But then I will be in transit 😀

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