The ‘braid’

Heard a very inspiring speech yesterday, which I just had to share with you all.


Have you observed the braids that girls/ women make?

The braid in Sanskrit is known as ‘veni’. Veni as in Triveni in Allahabad. Triveni is the confluence of three rivers-Ganga, Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati which flows in from the underground.  Similarly the veni or the braid needs three bunches of hair to be tied but only two can be seen.

Usually in life we are obsessed with ourselves-I, me, myself. Then we are concerned with our immediate environment concerning ourselves like our family, our friends, the money we make etc. What is the third angle to this triangle, which is the third part of this braid which connects the two-the self and the environment?



Have you ever been in a chokor home. It was a square-shaped house with an empty space in the middle. Vastu has different places for different functions. There is Agni where the hearth should be, water where the well could be etc.

Have you seen ancient temples. It is built in the center with empty space around it. Exactly the opposite to houses. Why?


The space in the middle is supposed to be Brahman or the place where God resides. Also God is supposed to be in the middle of our lives and our lives is supposed to revolve around Him.


But slowly houses became smaller, God was moved from the center to a corner then from there to underneath the staircase then he was pushed to the garage and finally he was ousted.

When God is ousted from a place, kaal enters. (kaal means time here it means bad times) Kaal enters with his wife, “ayyo”. (as in the expression ayyo) and children-‘quarrel’ and ‘hypocrisy’ and from then on there is no peace left.

So for peace to exist in homes, for happiness to flourish in a home, there is need to keep God in the center of our lives. God is the third angle of the triangle, He is the third bunch in the braid of our life.

And to keep God in the center of our lives CHANT and make your life sublime.

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14 thoughts on “The ‘braid’

  1. Lovely interpretation. God indeed needs to be in the centre of our lives and when we even oust HIm figuratively by not giving that place in our lives to Him, we face the consequences. Thanks for sharing, Bhagya.

  2. Oh yes indeed .. we have ousted god and no wonder all bad happens.. I agree we need god back..
    And have god in the centre..

    Loved reading and very inspirational

  3. Beautiful thought supported by a very apt, simple and powerful example of the braid!

    You’ve stated that the missing angle of the triangle is God, and to keep God in the center of our lives, CHANT and make your life sublime. I have no reason to disbelieve that you have said this with complete sincerity. However, I have been seeing for some years now that many people who are religious and ‘God-fearing’ actually indulge in sinful practices. They seem to think that it is enough to observe all religious practices: praying, visiting temples, conducting pujas and havans, celebrating festivals, fasting on certain days, etc., etc., and that this more than makes up for the wrongs that they knowingly commit.

    I think the missing angle of the triangle is Conscience. Many people’s Consciences are fast asleep and need to be awakened and made active. This applies to all people, irrespective of their religious beliefs (deeply religious, slightly religious, agnostic, atheist, whatever).

    If my words appear offensive, let me clarify that it is not my intention to offend anybody. This lovely post triggered my thoughts, and I thought I should share them.

    • The ones who perform rituals and yet continue sinful activities are performing without understanding the meaning of those rituals. Spirituality means understanding self in relation to the greater whole. Here we are speaking about spirituality and God and NOT religion. And no I am not offended at all.

  4. I loved this. The comparison of the triangle of life with the braid was just marvellous. Lovely thought and yes a superpower that we believe in must be the third powerful angle. Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

    • My pleasure Rekha 🙂 Just like parents give their valuable advice, likewise presence of a deity or even a picture gives a home the sanctity it deserves. 🙂

  5. That was a lovely post drawing a nice analogy between a braid, our traditional houses and God being at the center of our universes. So very true when you say that God has slowly moved away from being the center of our lives to being ousted even nowadays. Sad but true state of affairs in most of our lives today …

    • Yes I liked his saying that when God exits Kaal enters. So true.
      When our lives are centered around God, selfishness is less, possessiveness is lesser, there is peace and when the whole family unifies to serve the Lord, there is happiness. When God is ousted, there is quarrel and hypocrisy indeed.

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