A single drop

Have you noticed that how people change around you. I mean you change a job, you develop a new interest and suddenly you find the regulars around you disappear and a new set of people around you. You may say that those who left your company were not really your own etc etc but then it is fascinating to see this change and understand human psychology.

As humans it is difficult to accept others as they are. We are looking forever to categorize us and others.

Don’t we say, she is not my type. Or she is too behenji/ she is too forward in her thinking etc.

Why am I rambling all this?

Because I have been experiencing this ‘phenomena’ for some years now.

In an age where it is fashionable to say that I am agnostic or atheistic, I developed an interest in spirituality. And then I came to know that I do not belong. Some asked me, “why? what is there in it?’ And some said, ‘It is alright if you develop an interest but don’t get too involved’

But that is not possible with me. Imagine standing on the seaside and being told, no you can’t get wet.

I don’t blame anybody. If Β they lost interest in me, it is a fact that I too lost interest in them. But then I am human, I have to feel a belongingness.

Recently in one o f the lectures, I heard this analogy which gave me a new direction; please read on:

There are three sets of devotees:

One, those who are like dewdrops on the petals of flowers. When the sun rises overhead, the dewdrops evaporate. Similarly such devotees, come, eat, listen. It takes a lot of time for them to absorb facts, most of the time whatever they learn evaporates and so it takes them a long time to change.

Second are those devotees who are like water droplets on lotus leaves.Β These devotees come; eat, listen and go. Nothing affects them. They will stay on as they are.

Then there are water droplets in oysters. They stay on for millions of years and transform into pearls.

So my wish is to be a droplet in an oyster. Let that water drop change into a pearl. Let my bhakti increase day by day. yes I will be isolated, yes I will be left alone but then finally one day, I will be ready to serve my Lord.

Amen to that.

16 thoughts on “A single drop

  1. I like the views expressed here and agree with most of it. Since I’m not religious, however, I wish the views could be expressed in secular language. It’s my wish, of course. You are free to follow your heart. πŸ™‚

    • Welcome to my blog and glad that you agreed with me on most points. BTW which language is this-‘secular language’.
      And you have said it so rightly; it is my blog and my wish as to what to write and how to present πŸ™‚

  2. he he he he sorry i am laughing because this is reality .. which i too figured out recently..
    like you said i think there was something wrong with me that they are no more friends ..

    I will give you a example small one Blogging .. two years ago I had so many friends and now as you can see πŸ™‚ dare i say more

    but that is the way of life people meet new people , they make new friends they move on .. and they will do the same to others until someone does to them what they did to others maybe then they will realise πŸ™‚

    why bother about such things mam..

    at least now we know who truly meant what they wrote and said πŸ™‚ everything has a reason ..

    • Hmm I don’t rely much on online friends Bikram. I find it an illusion. And yes, relationships any ar elike moving caravans now. You meet, you associate and then you move on.

  3. its actually a great blessing to have complete faith..in my case I am very skeptical, even when I want to believe, when I have a hundred reason to believe, something keeps nagging me from within…I guess reading different perspectives on spirituality and God actually confuses you more…Happy for you!

    • Actually to have faith also one requires the mercy of the Lord. But if you really want to go on a path of self discovery and really hanker for it, somehow or the other you will get a direction.
      If you are confused it means you haven’t got the direction, yet.

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