Hudhud and later

A number of catastrophes seem to be happening one after the other. The floods in Jammu and Kashmir, the floods in North-east and now Hudhud in Andhra and Odisha. Yes last one has affected me the most.

Why? Because it is in Vizag that my parents live. It is in Vizag that my brother and his family lives. It is Vizag that has been my ‘land’ for the last 20 years or so.

To tell you the truth I came to know about the impending cyclone only on Saturday Morning. And I called up my mother. ‘Are you all set for the storm’, I asked.

‘Yes’, she said, ‘Children have been given a holiday, we have stocked up on essentials’.

‘Get some extra milk packets, store some water, charge up your mobiles’, I said. ‘And in all probability the cyclone will just pass away with a whimper because every one is so prepared’, I joked.

Vizag is used to thunderstorms. It does not have any ‘rainy season’ as such and there is rain usually when there is a depression in the Bay of Bengal. The intensity of the situation did not hit either me or her.

And then till Monday evening, there was no news absolutely. Scared, anxious, I sat online surfing through news, afraid to read the obvious.

Until I got a whatsapp from my sister they are safe.

I started breathing again. The glass doors had been unhinged. There was no power (still there isn’t). Water they have because they arranged diesel somehow and operate the generator now and then to pump the water up. Their two wheelers are damaged. Milk is scarce. But the important thing is they are safe and together.

But the city is devastated. The steel township which has been our lifeline has become a skeleton. The thick vegetation which surrounded it is no more. The Steel plant itself has suffered badly and if it does not start operations soon, will be a burden on the economy.

What is heartening to see is that so many voluntary organisations working on the scene. And so many others too. Residents who for once have stopped cribbing and started lending a hand, people have come out of their cocoons to strategize on finding out ways to come out of the situation.

Yes there are black marketeers, there are people who want to make a fast buck but today at least the people doing good far outweigh those who are selfish.

But then the thought comes to my mind who has to be blamed for such catastrophes, man, God who.

It is said that there are three-fold miseries of our lives adhi daivik (divine-problems caused by external forces) , adhyatmik (problems caused by self on the mental platform) and adhi bhautik (problems caused on the material plane, physical). And I am confused as to whether this is adhi daivik or adhi bhautik?


Isn’t it we who have destroyed our forest covers

Isn’t it we who have digged into earth incessantly?

Isn’t it we who are building so many structures? Often competing with each other in terms of how high my building is or how many buildings/ flats do I own.

In Bahrain we have witnesses so many landfilling exercises. So many areas have sprung up where there was previously the Sea. I am sure if we compare the picture of Bahrain 30  years back and the present, there will be no similarity at all. Doesn’t all this constitute an ecological imbalance.

So is this an adhidaivik vipada or an adhibhautik? Is this a misery caused by some external force or man made…..who knows? And does anyone care?

12 thoughts on “Hudhud and later

  1. Yes, natural disasters have been happening with regularity. As you pointed out, the causes for the same lie in what we have done. Disappearing forest cover, indiscriminate construction, destruction of mountains — it is tragic. It will take time for Vizag to get back to normal considering the devastation it has seen. Good to know that your parents are safe.

    • It will take years to rebuild Vizag. In Mangalore there are no hills left. All have been levelled to build apartments. Big old trees have been uprooted to widen roads. The usual Mangalore which was always moderate in summer and winter now is always hot and humid. And then we scream climate change
      Yeah my parents are safe. Thanks God

  2. Thank God everyone is safe! Your questions are very valid and at a level we have the answers but we actually do nothing to solve them!

  3. The coastal Orissa and Andhra are always susceptible to cyclones though the intensity this time was very high.Thanks to the immense precautions immense lives have been saved.It is a heavy burden imposed on the newly formed Andhra.The CM monitoring from a bus for the last two days shows how keen he is to minimize the suffering.Rehabilitation is a long haul and the centre in a big way along with other states should contribute.Against nature’s fury we are helpless

  4. OHh…I didn’t know your parents are from Vizag, Bhagya. Glad to know they are safe. Isn’t that what it matters now? just being safe? My heart ached when I saw what has happened…not that it didn’t hurt for the other calamities, but this one as it is from my state. May god give our CM more power and strength to stabilise the state. Hats off to each and every individual who is putting in efforts to restore and rescue. Take care, my dear. Hugs to you.

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