Smile and share

As me and my son get into the car to wait for the  hubby to come and we can start our visits, the son gets busy with reading some signs while I get pensive. Six visits and then class. How to balance, what to say, how to finish on time are the confusions in my mind. Yes it is a holiday here but we are busy.

‘Amma, amma’, he shakes me.

‘Haan’, I come out of my reverie.

‘What do you mean by e-state. Does it mean that you can get your state in the computer’, he says

‘Huh, maybe’, I say.. Very often when I am too tired of answering questions, I resort to this technique.

‘So it is e-mail, e-commerce and e-state. Yay, I know three e words now’, he says.

‘Huh what…where did  you get such a word’, He has started reading by himself and I was worried about where he landed upon such a word.

‘See there’, he showed me a board.

MOTIVATION  REAL ESTATE it read. I burst out laughing, the pensiveness of the earlier minutes gone away. And everything looked easy, simple

How often we take life too seriously when all it takes is a hearty laugh to ease the situation.

As I start explaining to him the meaning of estate, I notice the road cleaner. The GCCC road cleaners are an amazing task force. They get up as early as 2.30 am and then begin to clean the roads and the bylanes. Not a single dirt remains on the roads. They empty the dustbins and go from road to road. Each team is given an area. On the return they again sweep the roads and empty the dustbins because by then it is already 9am.

And for all this each worker is paid just BD (bahraini dinar) 60-70. Which is a pity really. Whenever I can, I give the worker on my road, coat, shirts, trousers and of course food. I have some fruits in hand, so I walk down to where he is working. He notices me and breaks into a smile.

‘Bhaojanam ayindaa amma’, he asks in Telugu. We converse for some time and then I give him the fruits.

His eyes twinkle. No doubt with such meagre salary and the high cost of living, he must not have had fruits for months together.

I walk back with a spring in my steps, a laugh and some sharing is what it all needs to brighten up a day.

And I utter a small prayer for the joys in life.

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