My son asked me yesterday, ‘Amma what did you want to be when you were young’ (By his standards I am ancient). I thought for a while. I had never achieved my ambition. Or rather the goals I had set for myself were not for me. So some goals I ditched and some others ditched me. But there was one goal which I had always wanted and I became- that of being a mother.

‘To be your mother’, I said.

It is a different matter that he didn’t accept my goal because according to him, ‘Everyone becomes a papa or a mamma’. But then what do I tell him.

So we switch on the Television and see that the news channels are full of Peshawar attack and though I do not want him to see such news but I can’t stop myself from following what has happened.

‘What has happened Amma’, he asks

I explain.

He contemplates and then says, ‘Amma you always take care of all the children even if there is some child on the road. And you say that they are someones children and everyones responsibility. Then why did this uncles kill. Aren’t these children there children too.

What do I say?

That we have become demons

That we lack sensitivity.

That nothing matters except achievement of our aims.

That revenge is the end all.

I don’t say anything.

I just hug him

Who knows if I get to hug him tomorrow or not………….


A silent prayer for all the parents who lost their children

3 thoughts on “Mourning

  1. How does one ever make sense of barbarism like this? My younger son had so many questions too. I had answers to none. He just said that all those parents whose children died must be so sad. What a terribly tragic day!

  2. Losing someone close is terrible, but a child is perhaps the most devastating. I can’t begin to understand how a human being can kill another child just for revenge. The only conclusion is that they are not human beings. Period.

  3. Very touching and poignant,the way you responded to your son’s query..Children cannot comprehend this cold blooded brutality on soft targets in the name of revenge.

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