Finding roots


The flowers beckon me. It’s a new place….everything is new but the tree makes me feel at home. Growing up in a small town with lots of greenery all around, my mind had always yearned for a place where I could stretch out of  my balcony or window and touch a leaf.

past month has been hectic. I have left the place I called home for the past 15 years and moved back to  my motherland. A land which has transformed drastically and now has little resemblance to my memories. But still is a place which is my own.

As I take my son along familiar routes and explain to him. He looks at me and says, ‘You love India a lot don’t you’. And though I pride on that; I know how he feels. He has left the only place which he called his home and is struggling now to find his roots. My heart aches for him but i know that one day he too will feel the same love that I feel for this country which is ours.

6 thoughts on “Finding roots

  1. It will take some time even for you to adjust to the native place as they call. I am sure
    in 15 years the place would have transformed to a modern town. But for the boy it is totally a new place with everything different for him but young kids easily adapt.
    My best wishes to you and your family and prayer that the change ushers happiness and prosperity.

  2. getting back to our roots is a good thing because it strengthens our ties to our culture, but again its not that easy to adjust with all those things and people, you are meeting after 15 years or so….
    I wish you all the best for upcoming days here…..

  3. Good to know that you are back here! It will be a bit different for you too after such a long time. Your son will blend with the surroundings soon. It might be weird for him for sometime, but children adapt very smoothly in time

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