Born in Bhilai into a Konkani(GSB) family, educated in Bhilai, Mysore and Warangal, my life has been a kaleidoscope of different cultures, places and people.

If Bhilai had a multicultural society, Mysore gave the traditional angle and so on. Moving to Bahrain after marriage has given it an international flavor.

Being the youngest in the family and pampered to bits, I was very shy and took a lot of time to mingle with people. But staying in a hostel I learnt to interact and learnt that observing people is a very enjoyable activity. Today leave me in a crowded room and I can spend hours just looking at people.

I express more clearly when I write rather than ‘orally’.

I panic easily on trivial matters and quite often am very cool on serious ones.

Anything can move me to tears; a baby crying, a moving scene in a movie, a heartfelt laugh and of course cutting onions.

Family is the ‘most important thing’ for me.

I am a Theist. It’s only recently that I have discovered my faith and that has given me immense peace.

This blog of mine is a mish mash of my feelings, thoughts, imaginations and flights of fancy. and I hope to discover different facets of myself in this process.

Come be a part of my journey!!


32 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    I just found your blog thru Rachna’s and found these lovely stories that you have knit. Beautiful stories. The tiny details in the stories are very relevant to the people and places in the story. I loved each and everyone of them and you are a very observant person.

    You mentioned Mysore in your introduction. Did you study in Manasagangotri? or the RCEM college? or the Engineering one?
    I spent 2 years of my college in Mysore too.

  2. Knew a lot of Tamil friends then working in Bhilai steel plant.visited too many times.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments

  3. Hi Bhagya, U got an amazing style of writing..Ur short stories held me hooked for quite sometime..Done crisp , neat with detail to perfection and they still convey a mssg..Pls do publish a book of them..I will be the first to buy it..

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  5. Hi

    Came across your blog and I must say you write amazingly well. i loved the short story you have just put on Rachna’s blog… 🙂 lovely work.

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  7. Hi Bhagyashree,

    So wonderful to have stumbled upon your blog! You live in Bahrain, and that to me is the most exciting news in a long long time. Do connect whenever you can. I live in Bahrain too.
    Have to start exploring your blog NOW!

  8. Wonderful…Mysore – my hometown (though I’m originally a Mangalorean..no, not konkani). But hey..similar paths…was born in Bihar, educated in Mysore..and now living with my wife and daughter in Bangalore. Nice to chance upon your blog. Will be a regular here.. 🙂

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