There is a fear in my heart.

I have come out to buy milk.BUT will I? Or won’t I? As I hurriedly pay the cashier and return with my can of milk, people laugh at my rush.

I open the doors furtively, I heave a sigh.

My portion of the cake still awaits for me.


Written as a part of Festival of words at Writetribe. the prompt for today was to write a post in 55 words




How I wished I was more creative or at least knew how to juggle better. Twenty four hours is sometimes not enough and sometimes it is too long. Overambitious am I, nah but I just have the yearn to do a bit more.

Riding two boats at one time is what I enjoy the most.


Written for 55 on Friday prompt at Write Tribe55onFriday

The prompt being How I wished





Silver Lining

She left the office,  one hand holding all her things, the other holding her termination letter. She was dejected.

It was her 34th birthday, alone with two kids she did not know how to support herself or her kids. Life looked bleak.

Little did she know that her angels were baking a cake for her.


Fiction written for 55 words on Friday at Writetribe


The prompt this time Little did she know

Just a note

There was a note on the fridge door. It was next to my grocery shopping list.

I am a big boy now and so:

  1. You cannot force me to eat
  2. I can watch cartoons for two hours
  3. No revisions, I am well prepared for my summatives.

Below the note I added my wisdom *Conditions apply.


A fictional piece written for 55 on Fridays at Writetribe. The prompt this time is Conditions Apply

55 on Friday #WriteTribe
Have you ever received such notes??

Finding out ways

Vidya Sury 28.10 (7)

Respectability, what was that? Not in our office at least.  I have a  tyrant boss who has killed my confidence. I had to find a way out. Resignation was not enough. The brute had to suffer the same way he made me suffer.

I walked into the library to find out ways to kill him.


Written for 55 on Fridays at Writetribe.

55 on Friday #WriteTribe

Thank you Write tribe. I am so busy nowadays and I am so glad that I don’t need to think of what to write with your different prompts 🙂