I want to be free

Of this aches and pains.

Of these highs and lows

Of the ups and downs.


I want to be free

Of these social classes

Of these gender divides

Of these favoritism..


When will my time come

For freedom

For  joys

For service unhindered.

Till I am inspired…….

I gaze at the blank screen

there is an avalanche of ideas

words topple each other but none ease out;

I stifle a yawn and look around.


There is much to be done,

there is more to read.

I can’t kill time

looking at the screen


So till the time

the ideas cease and words retreat

Sleep my dear blog

While I retreat.

Peace and joy

I soared

I flew,

I touched the skies.

I spread my hands

and welcomed you in

I opened my heart

and made you sit.

I sit in peace

I revel in joy

Your name echoes throughout

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna……….

Photo: ♥ GOVINDA ♥Artist: C.VishnuShri Krishna said:"O son of Kunti, I am the taste of water, the light of the sun and the moon, the syllable Om in the Vedic mantras; I am the sound in ether and ability in man."~Bhagavad Gita as it is 7.8Please read or listen to "Bhagavad Gita as it is" online:


We had wonderful Sankirtan in temple yesterday.  At the beginning I sat grudgingly for I was in the mood to hear some lecture and was not ready for sankirtan. But 10 minutes into the program and I felt so light and so peaceful. If just the name of the Almighty brings so much joy; I cannot even fathom what his actual presence might bring.


Image source: Art of Krishna


I looked at the winding road ahead

the trees by the side swaying and welcoming

The car moved forward steadily

the din inside deafening,

I battled with my thoughts

some confused

 and some doubts




A nonet written for Write tribe, my first ever nonet.

Write Tribe



green of vitality

berries pungent, sweet or sour

life in short.


I am not a poet certainly not one who can haiku. But then there is a contest at Writetribe, how can I not participate. The prompt is the picture given.

When I looked at the picture the green of the leaves struck me.  Also the berries reminded me of ‘karand’ a berry widely available till some years back in South Kanara but not so anymore. These berries were used to make pickles and they have a pungent taste. I am told that it is sweet when ripened. But who allowed them to ripen, we were too busy plucking them, wiping on our shirts and eating them.  🙂

So folks sorry for the amateurish attempt and please forgive me for my lapses.

* karand also known as karonda in Hindi.


I felt cold

the chill had not gone away

even though I wore layers

The pain in the heart

the pain of the body

would not go away.

I was tired.

Fed up of living,

fed up of the pains

fed up of the betrays

I did not know whom to trust

whom to look up to.

SO in the dark tunnel I walked

alone disheartened

waiting for an opening.

And then I met you..

Your wisdom, your love

nourished me

I forgot the pains,

I got a direction

I got my faith

Life was so arid

till you nourished me with your love

Life was so dull

till I got your embrace

Now I yearn for more,

more of you

more of your love,

you-my saviour

My Gauranga



Tomorrow is Gaur Purnima, the appearance day of Gauranga (Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu) and this is my humble offering to him

कब आओगे

नित्या गए द्वार द्वार

कहे जागो जीव, जागो जीव

अंतरात्मा मुझसे  कहे

जागो जीव जागो जीव


और मै हू सोयी


लक्ष्य है सामने

पथ है निखर

और मै हू सोयी

जन्मभर .


कब आओगे मेरे पीया

ले जाओगे हाथ पकड़ ?



* Nityanand Prabhu was the closest associate of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

** Piya here refers to the Lord


The ‘look’

I caught a glimpse as I turned,

I retraced my steps,

I saw,

and then I stared.

The beauty,

The twinkle in the eyes;

The mischief;

All held me.

I stood there,


The world moved,

Around me.

I stood,

Nothing shook me,

Nothing touched me,

As I gazed.

Your beauty;

arrested me,

Your gaze;

Beckoned me.

And I have been

Mesmerized ever since.

Image courtesy: Art of Krishna

I wonder


Cookies, cup cakes, fruit cakes,

Recipes galore.

Shoppers haven,

Crowd in malls.

I sit quiet

amidst the chaos,

Bleeding heart,

Numb thoughts.

Festivals are bonding times

But see what we do.

Throttle emotions,

Break bodies

Is this what we are heading to?

is it really festive times at all?

A request


So strange is this journey

called life.

Sometimes a mountain of ecstasy

sometimes a pit full of sorrows,

Sometimes rejections and

Sometimes ignorance.


I used to be confused

How to react

How to communicate.


Smile when there is pain

Act as hurt when I don’t feel pain.

Dramas galore


And then I came into your embrace.

the tiny pearls of wisdom you gave,

your instructions,

Your path

Have molded so many

and me too


I know it is not yet time to break free

I know it will take time for me to shine

But till then and even after

Allow me to serve you

and please do  keep me near your lotus feet