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J & J-expect the unexpected

Previously the why and the how


When Jassy had said yes to Aunty, she had expected that adjustment would be easy. Her mother and aunty had been good friends and she remembered going to aunty’s house, playing with Jatin etc. And so she thought it would be easy but no. Is living with any person easy? No.  Particularly with a perfectionist like Jatin. Everything had to be perfect. The food that was cooked, the home, ambience, clothes, everything. For a person like Jassy it was difficult.  She was not that organized in anything. She was vivacious, Jatin was the strong silent types.

And the major problem was that both were not ready to accept and adjust. Two vital characteristics that is most important in a marriage.

Jatin would come home from work expecting the home to be spick and span. Dinner would be ready, the house dirty and Jassy busy chatting on the net.

Weekends Jassy would be all excited expecting that Jatin would take her out but he would go and start washing the car, then polishing it etc.

And so when Shaku Aunty returned she got a shock at the state of affairs. She could see that even after two months they were strangers living under one roof.

And she was devastated. After Jatin’s marriage she had hoped that she would now at least look after her needs and her interests but she realised that her job was not yer over. She could not take retirement, no, not yet.

‘Jatin’, she said one day while going out on her walk, ‘come with me.’

‘But ma, I have some work…’

‘You can do it later’.

And then she gave him the talk which should have been given before marriage and if possible by the father.

‘Jatin did you get married just because you wanted a maid for yourself, no, don’t say anything now, just listen. You have to learn to be a friend a partner for your life. You need to talk, spend time with her, look at her needs too…..’

‘But ma, I cannot tolerate that she is so disorganized. She just likes to have fun always, which is not always possible and really, she talks so much.’

‘She is immature Jatin and young too. She will improve, I will groom her.’

And groom she had too; not only Jassy but  her son too. Bu there was a major problem both knew what  and why she was doing and both were not ready for that. Both were not ready to change

Meanwhile Jatin got an overseas offer. He was to go to Italy but Jassy  had college.

‘Ma, come with me?’

‘What about Jassy?’, asked Aunty.

‘She can come with us or if her studies are important, she can stay here’.

‘She will stay here and I will stay here too’

‘But why…………’

‘When she got married to you Jatin, I accepted her into my life as a daughter. She may have many imperfections but still she is a person with a loving heart and clear conscience. Without her parents around, it is my responsibility to look after her. Not that she cannot manage alone but it is my duty to look after her. And while both of you will be far off, check if you really need each other in your lives, if not get separated’.


‘Yes, there is no need to carry on with an unwanted relationship.’

And so Jatin went on to Italy while Jassy and Aunty remained back to build a new future.