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Aditya opened the door to find Nita holding her forehead. Seeing him,she screamed, ‘I have a terrible headache, I am sure I have brain tumor’. Aditya dropped his bag and took her to their family doctor.

The doctor asked her to go to the ophthalmologist saying that maybe she has a vision problem. Aditya gave her a sly smile as if to say ‘I told you’

Aditya then began telling about his back pain. Nita grimaced and thought,  ‘I constantly have such pains but have I ever complained’

The doctor gave him some medicines and sent them home. They reached home to see their teenage son limping. ‘What happened’, Asked Nita. ‘Fell down while playing football.’ was his reply. Aditya examined the injured area, it was bruised and obviously it was paining a lot. But the kid just smiled and limped away.

Both the parents smiled sheepishly. The kid was much more in pain than them and here they were complaining.



We complain so much about our aches and pains but kids… do they ever bother??