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Are you leading a boring life?

It is not me who is asking this question but its was one of the headlines in TOI two days back. Now what do I say. I mean what I like you may find boring and vice versa right. I read scriptural texts. I attend temple programs, I listen to relevant audios. I don’t like watching movies and similarly I hardly have time to read random books or blogs. So am I bore? Maybe for some, for myself I enjoy to the hilt ๐Ÿ˜€


We hold an annual one week summer camp in March for kids aged 7-15. I met an acquaintance and told about it. She asked for the course summary, I told her that there will be personality development courses, art & craft, activities and some scriptural studies too.ย  Nothing heavy, small stories etc. Her face changed as if she had smelled rotten potatoes. Maybe she felt, what a bore it is. Once upon a time, I would have been angry at her behavior, now I don’t bother. Who am I to be judgmental.


My parents used to tell us that teaching is a good profession especially for ladies. Which other profession allows you to go along with and return with your kids, isn’t it? We sisters always used to shrug off. Teaching… that is such a bore.

Now my sister is a well know coaching teacher and …..I am on the path of being a teacher preacher ๐Ÿ™‚ I take a weekly class for kids in the temple

Many a times the parents of kids come and ask a remedy for problems or ask for some references on texts. And I feel so humbled. I am after all just like them, a student who teaches part-time.

But is it a bore, oh no, not at all, it is a wonderful journey where in we all learn together.

Of ‘kali kaal’

A is not my friend anymore’, my son said after his return from school. ‘Hmmm’, I said. It is common. He has a new best friend every day and sometimes twice in a day.

I have still ‘kept’ my friends from school, college, etc. But not colleagues. Why I often wonder. Maybe it is because it is superficial when you are working, you just befriend somebody. And then being of the ’emotional’ types, I prefer keeping everyone at arm’s length lest I am hurt by anyone.

But increasingly I have distanced myself even from the ones with whom I was close to. Why you may ask. Well people change. So I may not like someone’s partying/ smoking/ drinking, in short their style of living and they may not like my spiritual side.

‘Amma, you are not listening,’ screams my son. “yes tell me’, I say and refocus.

‘Amma’, I lost my red color pencil and teacher asked to use that only. At that time N quietly lend me his red pencil and…………. And so he is now my best friend’, he declared.

If only things were as simple with us adults.

Relationships, friendships change with time, doesn’t it?

When my grandmother first heard ofย  the word ‘divorce’ she screamed,’ what more will I see in this ‘kali kaal’, she screamed. Well I can vouch she saw ‘nothing’.

If she saw the morals of today, the corruption etc , she would have died before her death.

This is the month of Kartik also known as the Damodar month. A month in which we visit house,s singing praises of the Lord after which we offer a ghee lamp aarthi to Him. These visits are not impromptu but booked in advance. Very often we get royal welcome in simple circumstances and indifference in royal homes. ‘Kali kaal’, indeed. I am not questioning spiritual preferences but basic courtesies. But then maybe I am asking too much.


* kali kaal-the age of kali or conflict