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Holiday Chronicles-I

Pappa and me started from home by walk. Andhra was sizzling. The cry of Samaiyaka Andhra (United Andhra) could be heard everywhere. Shops were closed. But we had important stuff to do. Pappa had to go to bank. I had to go to the post office to get some postal covers to send choodi. ( for details on choodi click here).

It was a pleasant day. The sun had decided to be merciful. And so we walked. The bank was open, he submitted his cheque and we waited. The staff gave a cheerful smile which was totally against the mood outside. And whats more the cheque was encashed and the passbook updated in a jiffy.

And we proceeded to the post office. Walking slowly reminiscing about past times, about the present and planning for the coming days, We walked and I had a suspicion that we had had missed the way. I saw three boys cycling on the other side and so I crossed over and asked them the way. ‘Straight akka, it is still further’, one said. I crossed again to be with pappa.

We resumed our walk when we saw the boys cross to our side. One of them said, ‘Do you see the coconut tree?’

I said yes.

‘Well, the post office is there’.

I gave a thank you smile.

We walked further to see the three gentlemen waiting for us near the post office.

My heart swelled with pride at the three boys. Rest of Andhra might be burning but these three were determined to show the way to an old man and his daughter.

On our return we walked lost in our own conversation and evidently lost our way. A  biker on our inquiry told us that we had come quite far. And so we took a shared auto as to walk some more was difficult. As soon as we sat inside the auto, it started raining…. heavily.

The auto driver took us further from our stop to a place where we could get some shelter.

We paid him and ran towards a shop.

One look at my father and the shopkeeper gave him a chair to sit. My father would not sit without his daughter getting a chair too. And out came another chair. And so we sat till the rain stopped.

I had been upset about this division of state, the power politics. But people that day reiterated my faith in humanity. Thank you Vizagites, more so to the people of Kurmanapalem.