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Blog Mania

Siddharth put down the receiver and wiped his sweat. His colleague Aditya passing by noticed this and came near him;

‘What happened Sid, why are you sweating? All fine?’

‘Uhhh, yes’, replied Sid and gulped a glass of water

Seeing his condition Adi pulled a chair from somewhere and sat near him.

‘But you don’t seem to be fine. Come let’s go to the first aid room and check your BP.’

‘No, No need, I am fine really. It’s just that……’

‘What? You can tell me Sid you know I don’t gossip’.

‘My wife is a blogger-food blogger actually’, said Sid

‘That’s nice, which means you get to eat nice  food’

‘Not really’, said Sid gulping down some more water.

Mr. Iyer sitting in the next cubicle knew what Sid meant. His wife too was a blogger, albeit a fiction writer. God knows he was afraid to open his mouth in front of his wife lest she used it in her stories.  No office conversations or friends chats were conveyed in front of her. He had become so silent at home that his son had labelled him ‘mouni baba’ i.e. the silent sadhu. He himself had not known what mouni meant and had once asked its meaning from Sid itself. He knew what Sid was going through.

Meanwhile the conversation between Sid and Adi was going in full swing, Sid had finally broken his mental barrier and was venting his predicament.

‘And so she makes this weird dishes which have to be tasted and commented upon. But mind you before this a picture of her creation has to be taken with proper lighting and all. Heaven forbid if you taste it before its picture its taken’, Said Sid wiping his sweat. ‘I tell you sometimes it gets too much. Imagine reaching home after sweating it out in the office for 8-10 hours after battling the traffic and you are told to take a picture of something which she has created’

‘But what happened today that you are so nervous?, asked Aditya

‘Do you know Indiblogger?’, and noticing that Adi did not know Sid continued,’Its an……how do I say…..an association of bloggers, it’s an online community….’

‘So?’ asked Adi

“Bloggers post their posts, their rambles, their rants there and vote, comment there?’


‘Well Indiblogger comes up with all this contests in which bloggers can win prizes and now there is this Masterchef or something contest. Bloggers are to write about some unique dish and so my wife has decided that she will take part in it and so now I have to brace myself for it. And you know todays special…..Cabbage kheer’

‘Cabbage kheer !! exclaimed Aditya

‘Yes. I hate cabbage and kheer made of it. UGhhh’, and Sid sat down with his head in his hands.

‘Ahem,  I am sorry to interfere but I heard what all you said’, said Mr. Iyer.

‘Its alright Iyer, let the whole world hear, I am sick and tired of her experiments’, Said Sid

‘I have a plan in which we both can benefit. You see I too am in the same boat as you, my wife too is a blogger.’

‘Carry on’, said Sid

‘My wife has not seen you and your wife has not seen me. SO I will pose as a Doctor and tell your wife that you have  a severe case of stomach infection and you are not supposed to eat rich stuff only something plain like rice gruel…’

‘Or khichri’, said Sid brightening up, the world seemed a better place now for him.’

‘And you can pose as a doctor for me and say that I am stressed out and should not be stressed further…you know… like commenting on her stories etc’, said Iyer with a smile.

Last seen Sid gobbling down khichri and Iyer reading his newspaper. Both look visibly content in their conditions.