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Thoda pyaar Vyaar

Life has been pretty hectic this year. And obviously blogging and blog hopping has taken a back seat. Yes,  you may say where there is a will there is a way but then sometimes you have to prioritize.

There is so much to study. There is so much to  prepare too. Our scriptures h ave so much knowledge that if you dive into it you will find that you have wet only your fingers. Sorry for the lame analogy but the vastness is that much.

And then there are children to take care for. Now don’t get confused. I have but one. But there are others whom I take class for once a week. But for that I prepare weeks in advance. You may laugh at me but then the class has to be engaging and enjoying and creativity is the key word.

Combine it with a one week workshop in the 2 week break that children get after the final exam in March and you see what a chaos it becomes. Preparation, registration, arrangement, I tell you, it is not a child’s play. It takes energy and again creativity.

So with all this chaos, I manage to write here and there but blog hopping has reduced considerably. Don’t ask me to share, I don’t even know how to operate twitter or Google+. Yes, I live in the dark ages. I  open my twitter account and stare at it and hope things will operate by itself. Thanks to publicize in WordPress, I do not have to bother much about tweeting.

BUT still in these chaos I manage to read some blogs.

You may read Partha Sir’s stories. But he has another blog where in he gives a bit of gyaan. In a very interesting way he mixes up simple stories with necessary knowledge. Reflections it is called and reflections it is.

Deboshree of Paneer, pulao and Pune is one whose style I admire a lot. She can make the mundane of topic interesting. Though she doesn’t write much nowadays, whenever she does, I read it with interest admiring each word and sentence.

Krsnasteachings is another blog which makes understanding simple truths in interesting way. His posts often make me contemplate for hours together.

Jairam is a writer whom I admire a lot. Though he writes almost in all genre and topics, I admire his writing about The Mahabharat a lot. Bringing to life in simple words, those epics and holding your curiosity is no mean feat but Jairam does just that. Though he calls himself a Mahabore, he is anything but a bore

These are the four which hold my interest currently. If you read you will see all four have something in common, deep truths and simple language. Well, that’s what I like the most.


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