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A New Beginning

Reblogging an old story for the benefit of new readers

Searching Self

Mrs.Iyer heaved a sigh. The room was bare but still looked small. ‘But enough for me’, she thought,, ‘After all what else does an old woman want’. There was a small bedroom where she had put her cot, a wardrobe and a small mirror on the wall. The drawing room was entirely bare. ’Hmm I will put a mattress in this corner with some bright cushions and a spread it will look cosy’, she thought.

She had quit her son’s home or rather her husband’s home and come to this one hall bedroom kitchen housing board house. It had been a 25th wedding anniversary gift from her husband. Maybe he had the foresight to know that she would have to leave her son’s family and live on her own, she thought. Why was life so difficult she thought? You raise kids with so much difficulty only to be dumped by…

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For good times and……

He shuffled, yes he did. Parkinson’s does that to people. His wife watched. He reached the  washbasin, picked the brush and the toothpaste.The paste oozed out and spilled,  while the other hand tried to hold the brush steady. He flinched but his wife gave him a thumbs up and together they renewed their wedding vows.


Often we think of marriage as  journeys together and fun times. But a marriage also means of being there for each other whatever the situation may be.

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Why fear……

There are days when nothing goes right

  • the wind is so strong that I feel that yes even I can be blown away
  • I  have caught a cold and there are important issues to be dealt with
  • the kid throws a tantrum and so on

There are days when I realize that I have still not grown up

  • I throw a tantrum along with the kid
  • I just worry without knowing why I am worrying
  • I expect… well a lot can be expected..

There are days when I  realize

  • the safe haven that I think I live in is not really safe
  • that I am surrounded with jealousy and animosity
  • that I haven’t met the standards of my dear ones.

There was a time when I used to bother or think of all these and worry. Worry about how would I carry on amidst calamities-physical, emotional, climatic. Times when I would think how I will manage to be afloat when no one really understands me ( well can anyone really understand the other?). Time when I could not handle criticism or praise.

But I have moved on.

For all those times when I fear fear. For all THOSE times, today I just have the answer…Why fear when Krishna is there.    😀

Today I try to live by the dictum in the Bhagvad Gita 3.31

ye me matam idam nityam
anutisthanti manavah
sraddhavanto ‘nasuyanto
mucyante te ‘pi karmabhih

One who executes his duties according to My injunctions and who follows this teaching faithfully, without envy, becomes free from the bondage of fruitive actions.

Have a good week ahead people!!

B.G. Translation courtesy:asitis.com