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‘On sale’

I had seen old furniture being sold/bought, I had seen used machines being bought and sold. The first car that our family had was an old used Ambassador. Those days we could not afford to buy a new car.

But other than that I had not seen anything else being bought and sold. If we outgrew our dress it would be passed on to another in the family or the maid’s child, the gardener’s child etc. For that matter when we got a new study table or when a new sofa was bought we passed it on. Yes, did not sell but just passed it on. And the old table and sofa were in good condition.

But when I came down here….it was an eye opener. And recently I have had many revelations. Now with electronics, appliances all going cheap, people buy I suppose without thinking or without even having any need, And what do you do with so many things- sell it off. You  bought an electric fryer but don’t need it… sell it. You wore a gown twice- sell it. You don’t have the need for a pair of shoes-sell it. Your baby outgrew the need of a potty- sell it. Everyone is  a trader now; buy-sell.

For Sale Clip Art

Charity – does anyone know what it is anymore?? Or is it to be done only when there is an earthquake or a flood? I agree you cannot give away your evening gown or your ankle boots to your maid but then other stuff you can, can’t you? Your old mixer-grinder, the tricycle of your kid, does it really have to be sold?

But there is downside too. A friend gave some good clothes to the ‘dhobi’ . Thinking that his children need it. Whilst going on her evening walk, she saw the bundle of clothes lying in the dustbin. Charity, what is that?


After Lord Brahma had created the universe, the Rakshasas, the Manavas and the Devas were confused as to what their ‘dharma’ was. And so they went to Brahma and asked him. Brahma just said द (da)

The Rakshasas took it to be ‘daya’ or mercy

The Devas took it to be ‘daman’ or control of the senses

And the humans took it to be ‘Daan’ or charity

Since I doubt that any humans are left in this planet;  it is only Rakshasas now, can’t we be a little merciful and donate a little to the needy??

Image courtesy :clker.com