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I read a few posts on 1000 speak for compassion and it sure gladdened my heart. And regret too. For I didn’t even know that such a thing/event was happening on the 20th. Talk of being ignorant or busy whichever way you take it. But then on second thoughts 20th was a Friday and even if I knew, I wouldn’t have been able to post anything that day….it was a Friday and a holiday here. Yes, I could have scheduled it but then…..I didn’t.

Generally I hate the present  trend of society. The selfie clicking, selfish, narcissistic people that we have become. But then there are people and occasions who restore faith in me of humanity in general.

The laws here are strict. Children are on fathers visa. A woman on housewife visa is supposed to be just that. So what happens if the man of the house dies. The woman generally is given indemnity, insurance money, some compensation, the air ticket and packed off to the home country along with her kids. The end of the story.

A young man while jogging in the park collapses and dies instantly. Reason-cardiac arrest. The family is shocked. For all reasons the man had been healthy and quite active too, who would have imagined that something like this would happen. The wife is shattered but there is one consolation her sister lives close by.  And while everyone expects her to be sent away. She gathers courage and walks to the employer of her deceased husband tells him that she is a commerce graduate. She can handle accounts.  Everyone shake their head, employers are not generally compassionate are they. The employer pays her indemnity of her husband. And then employes her too. And whats more he sees to it that her daughters get visa on her name. Which is a little uncommon here in Bahrain. Everyone pitches in. The neighbours take care of the girls till she arrives from work. The sister sees to it that whenever she goes to get provision, she tags her sister along because the young widow does not know driving ( Women here generally do not use public transport) and so on. The woman then decides to learn driving and lo, the driving instructor gives her a discount.

Today she is a self-confident woman who is caring and compassionate. Her lovely daughters and just like their mother. I often wonder if she would have been the same, if the situation had been adverse to her.

I have a student…bratty and a slow learner. I assumed that she must be a pampered kid. One whose father brings her gifts for no reason. Talk of assumptions and judging others and a over imaginative brain). Until I come to know that her father expired long back. Her senior in school took her under her wing. They go to the same church, so their mothers knew each other. So this senior saw to it that her mother get a job for her juniors mother. Not only that whatever her parents got for her, she would demand the same for her junior. When she started going for tuitions, she took her junior too and so on.

I often wonder if the senior girl is an angel. So much compassion and thoughtfulness at such a young age…

I got a message that a mother wants to meet me. The student has just joined our institute- a slow learner again who made me wonder, why I get all these gems. I have to rack my brains how to make my classes more interesting and which makes recollection easy.

So I go and meet the mother. She tells me that the child is a slow learner. I nod. She says, ‘her father died two years back and it was such a shock to her that she has still not recovered’. I wonder again, why am I the special one.

She tells me the shortcomings of the child. I nod again and ask her not to worry and send her off.

Yesterday I get a message that she wants to meet me. I go down, a little angry, what changes can one bring in just 2 classes.

I see that she is with another lady AND she is the child’s mother. So who is the lady who came first? It seems they first met when they used to meet in the school bus stop. Then the man expired and this lady stepped in to help.

In a world where we don’t even know who our neighbours are, a stranger steps in and helps you…not just once but continuously for the past three years. Incredible isn’t it.

And in all the three cases the employer saw to it that the spouse gets a job if not with him at least somewhere and then gave visas to the children too.

Compassion is not dead…..not yet.