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I believe …….(I)

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As he puffed on his cigarette, I stared at him. The smoke made various shapes and while he enjoyed those shapes, I could see him wasting his life.

Yes wasting one’s life. Boozing, smoking may give joy for seconds and then you will be back to where you stood before.

Many years ago I had some wine. Don’t know why I had it but I thought it stylish. And then I had it once more. And after that I didn’t attempt again. You may ask why. I felt that anything which misleads us is not fit for consumption. I mean the high that a quarter glass of wine gave me was temporary. Would it remove my fears, inadequacies? Would it make me (permanently) bold? NO

The problems of life cannot be removed by puffing on a cigarette or guzzling alcohol. It just makes you dependent. You may be in an important project. One on which your career depends. And you may go and smoke a bit, but will it make you a champion. It may give you a temporary relief and that’s it.

Situations need to be worked upon. Joys have to be sustained, problems have to be solved.

The problems of life are only birth, death, old age and misery. There is no escape from these four, the rest can be resolved.

For good times and……

He shuffled, yes he did. Parkinson’s does that to people. His wife watched. He reached the  washbasin, picked the brush and the toothpaste.The paste oozed out and spilled,  while the other hand tried to hold the brush steady. He flinched but his wife gave him a thumbs up and together they renewed their wedding vows.


Often we think of marriage as  journeys together and fun times. But a marriage also means of being there for each other whatever the situation may be.

Wriiten as a part of write tribes-55 fiction, genre chosen- Love.
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