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Arti stretched her hands. She had worked non stop for the past 2 hours and she thought she deserved a break. She looked sideways to check if anyone was inquisitive and then checked if there were any new posts from doubtscleared??

She had recently started following that blog and had been addicted to it ever since. The author a septuagenarian wrote lively posts about everyday life in good humor, peppered with advises. But the way the advises were put was ingenious. Readers could also put forth any question and she would answer it in the subsequent blog post. You could say it was something like an agony aunt column in some magazine but this was even better. The presentation was lively and her promptness in replying queries made it interactive.

Checking the site daily had become  a ritual now for Arti. At an age when most lose interest in technology here was a woman who was savvy, she used technology to her advantage. No doubt with her advises she added a new dimension to many a person’s  lives.

So impressed was Arti with the lady that she sent a personal mail and now they were regularly exchanging emails. She knew that the lady was Mrs. D ( no,  she did not disclose her identity even in her mails), living with her businessman grandson in Dubai.

“No posts today, Aunty must be busy. No  wait, today is friday,holiday in Dubai so Aunty must be busy with her family’, she said to herself and logged off.

Later that day, she came to know that she had been chosen to go to Dubai for the internal audit of an Indian firm and she was super excited. Firstly for a novice like her getting an overseas opportunity was rare. Secondly she thought she would try to meet Mrs. D.

She hurriedly mailed Mrs. D… ‘I will be in Dubai from 16th to 28th of this month, can we meet?’

The next day she received the reply, ‘My policy has been that I do not meet any blogger friends. So sorry’.


Her spirits were dampened. But then she consoled herself. It was alright. Being selected  to an oversees audit itself was good and whats more she could have a look around Dubai which otherwise would have been a little difficult.


Two days had passed since she had arrived in Dubai. And Arti was still adjusting. The work culture was different. The accounts were topsy-turvy and she was thinking whether she would have to give a crash course to the accounts section.  But otherwise she was loving the city and how it was ‘alive’ almost the whole night. Wherever she went she searched for a septuagenarian lady with white hair. That is how Mrs. D had told her she was. If only she could get a glimpse of her, if only….

The owners of the business firm were very cordial. The grandson who was handling the business now was insistent that to run a  business in a professional way, audits were necessary and so they had agreed. The grandson Mr. Dhiraj was young, enterprising and very very handsome. Had Arti not known that he was married and had a kid, there was a danger of her having fallen in love with him.

Just a day before Arti and her colleague had to return to India, Dhiraj and his wife called them home for dinner.

Shopping and traffic both delayed them for the dinner. Mrs. Dhiraj opened the door personally and made them comfortable. ‘We are having Italian today, Arti you love Italian food, don’t you?’

‘Yes, I do, but how do you know?’. was the surprised reply.

Mrs. Dhiraj looked flustered but said,’ Just guessed’ and went to get some drinks.

A Mac was blinking on the side table. Arti had never seen a Mac before and she went to have a look.

The ‘Doubtcleared? page was loaded, a sidebar had the message Congratulations on your 450th post!!

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