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Social Networks

I like facebook, I really do. It is that site which reunited me with some of my childhood friends. It is that site which helps me be in touch with family and sometimes I wonder if it helps me to be mentally active 😛

But then I met an aunty who said that the only way she comes to know what her children are doing, is by logging in to fb and I was thoughtful.
(image courtesy;http://techpp.com/2009/08/27/ultimate-collection-of-twitter-cartoons/)

I mean all of us (mostly all) are busy putting statuses, I did this, I did that, sometimes boasting, sometimes proclaiming but in midst of all that we are missing out on so much. Like

1) Face to face contacts are less nowadays, we meet on fb, we chat there. Period. My own neighbour with whom I can just shout over the window and can yap away; we meet on fb.

2) Even family relations have altered. Busy executive meet their spouses on the web only.

3) Parents come to know of their children through their statuses. No, you need not tell everything to your parents but how many of us really make friends of our parents.

4) Humility is a rare virtue nowadays. I went there, I did this….. I know in today’s world self promotion is required but humility isn’t it required too?


These are just my observations and is not intended to hurt anyone. The conversation with aunty triggered all these thoughts and thought of posting them here. So go ahead post your statuses, I am all ears (eyes?). 😀