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Truant!! :)

I know I just disappeared; but we needed the break. The chicken pox had worn us out and we needed the change.

Remember this post? well it was sonny’s fifth birthday this year and the last time when we would be doing his aarathi. All the elders in the family wanted to be a part of the celebration and so we decided to celebrate his birthday in Mangalore. While I flew down in the third week of March to India, hubby followed just before the celebration. And so all the organizing fell onto my shoulders which scared me initially but all went smoothly.

Each successive visit to Mangalore/India surprises me with the escalating costs (and exhibitionism). The previously simple aarathi ceremony had included games for kids (which I think is necessary for kids to be engaged or to be happy whatever you agree with) some years back but now there is an MC too. I met a few MCs but their attitudes (and their price tags) completely disgusted me. I searched for alternatives and then two enthusiastic teens of our family came forward to do the needful and were so innovative and charming that their exuberance charged the event. The end result the invitees had fun!! And the Host was pleased. Which makes my life easier. 😀

Although I miss family I am glad to be back home. The heat was unbearable this time and with no rains in sight; there is already water shortage in Mangalore.

So right now enjoying the luxury of power, water and……my own bed !!