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Life is not forever

On Friday evening I was watching the press conference of India against corruption in Bengaluru. It was enlightening to hear the distinguished members- Ms. Kiran Bedi, Justice Hegde, Arvind Kejriwal, Swami Agnivesh and the great Anna Hazare speak. Enlightening because I came to know a lot of what all is covered in the Lokpal Bill. I must say that I heard the entire coverage open-mouthed. Why?? I just could not believe that the BIll could really cover so many points and then the ultimate question, ‘Will this Bill ever come in motion?’

But what really got me thinking was Anna Hazare answer to a question. I am redrafting the question here as I do not remember it verbatim-Its the educated who spread corruption but how will the Bill be helpful to the downtrodden, the uneducated and those who are living in villages,

And Anna’s answer- It’s not the educated or the uneducated, the rich or the poor who propagate corruption, its propagated by those who have forgotten that they wll ultimately die one day. You may take bribes, you may accumulate wealth which will suffice generations to come but what is the use- you will ultimately die one day and leave back everything.

So very true, isn’t it? We live enjoy, we earn; all in the hope of living a better life and then we get greedy and we accumulate some more. And ultimately one day we leave everything and go away. So why this greed?

No I do not mean to be cynical. You do need money to fulfil your basic needs, to fulfil your ‘interests’. But shouldn’t we remember that ultimately we will go away leaving everything.

Life is after all momentary. Riches come and go what stays is (good) name and respect. Earn them.

All the Kannimozhis, Kalmadis and Rajas of the world, are you listening?