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Simple Joys

When the mind is engaged and the senses are busy; everything becomes joyful

  • The sun is shining bright ( a tad too bright) but I am happy. It just means that my clothes will dry quicker
  • I have a horrible throat congestion coupled with some wheezing but I am happy. I may lose some weight, you see. 🙂
  • The son is messing around, splashing water all around the bathroom playing some imaginary game  but I do not say anything. I remember a time when we were lamenting to hear such sweet sounds.
  • One of the kids aged 5 read an entire story -the printout which I had given earlier in the Thursday class. My joy-boundless
  • It is sonny’s 6th birthday and I bake a cake and take to the workshop. But due to lack of time I am able to bake only one cake which will not be enough for all the 250 kids. By the time it is break time, I am on a guilt trip. I should have got up at 4 am baked another cake etc, etc. The cake is distributed to the junior batch. I avoid looking at the older ones. The break finishes- a girl comes running, hugs me and says the cake was yummy. And my guilt evaporates. I am happy that I could make at least some children happy