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Tongue tied

Regular readers do know of my always being lost  for words. Even a kid just learning to speak can outsmart me in that department.

As far as I remember at home when I do speak, it is ‘You can just argue’ and if I don’t, ‘Don’t you have any opinion?’. My parents till I got married were always confused and the dilemma continues for my better


My sister left a message-Call; urgent. And I called. Her son has got 87 percentile in CAT after just 2 and a half months of preparation and though he may get into IIM Kozhikode, now he wants to do CFA. So she had wanted to speak with ‘the one who is more knowledgable about these things’ I listened but kept my mum. The decision was his, what could I say but in the midst of her monologue she stopped and asked,’Are you listening? When will you ever ‘contribute’ to a discussion’. Sigh, what do I say.


Zephyr had this interesting post on degree holders. I read, read it thrice and wanted to say something intelligent but then I saw such lengthy discussions in the comments that I decided to stay quiet than show  my foolishness. I like wordpress that way, I can just click on the like. Or Indiblogger where in I just promote a post.


My dilemma continues; my neighbour waves at me through the window and I know if I open the window we can converse, oh yes we can, but do I do so? No


I watch my son watching the promo of ‘Veena ka Vivah’ on Imagine and I tease him, ‘do you want to be a contestant?’

‘No, I am going to marry you.’

Flattered I say,’But I am already married…to your father.’

‘Where was I then?’

‘In your previous birth’, but then seeing him round eyed, I add,’In my tummy.’

Pat comes the reply,’My….how did I land up there?’


The venue of my Sunday class is changed and while my Hubby drops me for the class, while returning I ask my teacher to drop me. She obliges. She straps her 16 month old daughter in her seat while I take my seat in the front. The toddler all excited starts cooing. It is so sweet to listen to her that I start talking to her in her language. She gets excited some more and starts in full swing, ‘Mama tata ghumu…..’

And me on my part am silent once more.

I told you even a toddler can outsmart me.