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Make hay….

The winter has been quite dreadful. It hasn’t been very cold but it has been very windy with occasional rains.  The weather is such which  makes your teeth chatter and your bones cold.

As I snuggle inside the quilt to watch some TV, the son snuggled in along with me. And for some time we have fun, snuggling, kissing each other. And then I realise that in a few more years he will refuse to snuggle with me, spend time with me  or allow me to kiss him.

I snuggle some more and make the most of the available time.


Written for 100 words on Saturday at Write tribe. The prompt this time free your mind.


A scare…

wpid-wowbadge1As I started tying my tie, I looked at Aditi. She was applying nail polish. At that moment I envied her. Envied that she was the housewife and had the liberty on doing things at her own pace.

At that moment she looked at me and saw me staring at her. ‘What?’, she asked, ‘I have been running from Five in the morning, can’t I take some break now?’

I nodded a yes. She was right.  If she did not get up early in the morning and saw to things, we would never reach our schools and office on time.

‘And by the way’, she continued, ‘You are looking awesome but the knot of your tie has not come right.’  And then she got up and corrected it without bothering that all her nails have not been painted yet.

Those are the two things that I absolutely love about Aditi. She is always  speaks diplomatically, taking care never to criticize and yet correct and the other  was that she always kept our interests to the forefront.

As I drove to the point where our lane joined the main road, I noticed in the rear view mirror another car parked near our neighbor’s house. Two people- a man and a woman got down from the car and then started walking to our home. I couldn’t see more as my car had progressed much.

Later about 11 am I called up Aditi on her mobile, I got a message that she was out of range. I called up the home number, she did not pick it up.

She called me later, ‘Did you call me Vikram, I got a miss call notification’, she said.

‘Yes, where were you?’, I asked.

‘I was speaking to Mrs. Bhatia’, she said.

It was strange because Mrs. Bhatia lived just two doors away and the mobile could not be ‘out of range’ there.

‘Vikram could you please come early by 4.00 p.m. today. I am going grocery shopping , there are some special discounts at Mega Mart, if I go late in the evening, the stocks may get over.’

‘Alright’, I said but my mind was somewhere else. Aditi did not mention about the people who had come in the morning. And never had she gone out like this… what was the matter…

‘Vikram are you there….’, she said.

‘Yes,’ I replied.

‘You have the house keys, don’t you’, she asked.

I checked and said yes.

My mind could not concentrate on work that day. It was true that I had become too centred on my work. The whole responsibility of home, managing kids and other relatives had fallen on Aditi. Was it because of that she had found someone else.

I left office by 3.00p.m.  itself. The whole neighborhood looked deserted. Kids had left for their different classes, I think, because there was utter silence. It seemed that Aditi had left too. SO the only job for me to do was to pick up the kids from their respective classes at 4.30 p.m.

I dragged myself to the front door, put in my key and turned.

I thought of all the years that I had neglected her, all those times when I should have paid some attention to her but had not. All those times when I had dug into my files knowing well that it was our anniversary or her birthday.

As I stepped into the dark room I resolved that no I would not allow Aditi to go away from me. We were a team, we belonged. I switched on the light. As I moved my gaze, I saw a well arranged room, a table for two and Aditi in a red gown standing in a corner.

‘Knew you would come in early’, she said with a grin.

‘What is all this?’, I asked.

‘Today is the 15th anniversary of the day when we first met’, she said. ‘Do you remember that day’, she said.

‘How can I forget?’, I said. We had met in the famed local of Mumbai. From Mumbai we had moved to the Gulf, got married, had kids, it had been a long fruitful journey.

‘The way you were ignoring me, I thought you had forgotten’, she said, ‘And so I thought of this to revive your memory’.

‘Who were the two who came in that black Rav4 in the morning’, I asked unable to control my curiosity.

‘Oh did you see them..’, she giggled. ‘It was your brother Vikrant and his girlfriend who had come to arrange this room. I asked him why they both had dressed up in black with hat and all and he said it was to arouse your curiosity’.

I smiled. My brother and my wife both know me too well.

‘But why are we wasting time’, added Aditi, ‘Vikrant said that he will take care of the kids till 7.00 p.m, which means we just have some three and a half hours’, she smile mischievously.

I hugged her tight. The brief moments when I had thought that she was going far from me were hell. Never was I too ignore her again.


This post is a part of Write over the weekend an initiative for Indian bloggers by Blogadda. This time the entry had to contain the three words, nail polish, awesome and rear view mirror.

Love, tender love.


Neha has recently joined Adani Auditors to do her Articleship. And is enjoying a lot. A sharp girl she has finished the first two levels along with her B.Com.

Along with her, four other persons have joined Adani Auditors. The other three are a bit older than Neha and Amit. It may be that they are of the same age or maybe not but they have been put in the same team. Which is helpful to Neha. I mean, isn’t it nice if someone of the same age is with you, it helps in communication, you can share your worries, isn’t it.

And so it is when half of their team is running about, Neha and Amit do not know what is happening and take refuge in each others company.

In the last two months they have been quite good friends. One day Neha gets a call from her mother to bring some things from the supermarket on her return home. Amit says he would accompany her as he too needs something.  Taking a cart each, the wander through the aisles. Neha while looking at the cornflakes bumps at Sakshi, her childhood friend. They hug each other and they start talking. When Neha asks Sakshi to check her right cheek. Sakshi touches it and says, ‘ Is it Dove‘.  Neha says, ‘yes’ and they giggle.

But Amit in the next aisle mistakes it as, ‘Is it love’ and when Neha says yes, his heart jumps with joy. Having studied in a boys only school and a college where in with his plain looks and nerdy qualities, he had been ignored by almost all the females.  Neha with her frankness and her simplicity had captured his heart right from the beginning and so when he heard her say yes, he wanted to salsa,

They came out. Neha said a bye to both Sakshi and Amit and catches a bus home. Sakshi too leaves soon after. Amit stood for a long time there itself. His mind continuously played the rewind button to ‘Is it love’ and then yes.

From then on he brought flowers and chocolates. He would take the chunk of work on himself, leaving Neha with almost no work at all. He would hold her bags and generally would follow her like a puppy. Until Neha could not tolerate it at all.

‘Why are you wasting your money on these chocolates and flower’, she said.

‘I thought women liked these’, he said.

‘I do but not how do I carry it all when I am going to the clients office’, she asked.

He sulked.

“And why do you leave me with no work, I see that you do all the major chunk yourself’, she continued.

‘I don’t want you to be burdened’, he said.

‘Burdened?’, she said. ‘How the hell will I learn if I am not ‘burdened’.

‘I am just taking care of you’, he said.

‘Why’, she said, ‘Are you my father?’

‘Boyfriend is more like it’,  he said giving a shy smile. His cheeks were a bright red.

‘Boyfriend?, she asked, ‘Who said so?’

‘Now, now don’t hide from me. Weren’t you telling Sakshi the other day that it is love’, he said.

‘Huh’, said Neha and then remembering that days happenings said, ‘Uff’. she said; ‘she asked me,is it dove, I said yes. Dove.. you know the soap with 99% moisturizer’.

Amit felt the crack in his heart, the shuddering of the earth and the blow of the wind.

Neha changed her team and till date Amit curses his ear. If his ears had not been faulty at least he could have seen Neha daily and there would have been a chance for him to be hers. Sigh, the games our sense organs play………. But then the ears listen what the heart wants to hear.


This post is a part of Write over the weekend an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

The them this week being rhymed confusion, She said____________. He mistook it to be __________. I used the words dove and love.

I hope you enjoyed the story.

Holiday Chronicles III

Life takes us on myriad paths and when we come to the original path taken, we seem to be lost.

Same happens when you meet someone after a long time and you are shocked to see how life has treated them.

But then life is like that.

We were in Mysore for a day. Hubby had some work and we tagged along. Morning was spent at the zoo. The kid enjoyed even though he had to walk about 3 km, And we had a nice time with him, explaining everything and answering billions of questions.

But it was evening that I was waiting for. I had done my B.Com in Mysore. We were to meet my Uncle and Aunty. Uncle had been my father’s colleague in Bhilai. A relationship which began there had matured to them being my Local Guardian.

Those three years will always be cherished. It was that time when I finally started understanding life. Aunty who helped me transform. Uncle who guided me and in true sense they two are the ones who laid the foundation of my spiritual growth.

Even today I can smell the badam milk which she used to give me early in the morning while MS’s Suprabhatam played in the background.

Sickness, moroseness, celebrations all had one destination-VINUTHA. (the name of their house)

Sonny wanted to see the ‘bus’ of Mysore and so we boarded a bus to their place. Got down at the supposed stop. Only to realise that the whole area had completely changed in the past 17 years.

And they too are living in a different house now as their house is being renovated.

What followed for the next half an hour was chaos. The better half being the better one geographically got angry that I could not locate a place which I had frequented so much. The anger was more because the son had had to walk some more.

He wanted to return to the hotel room. I refused to comply. Nowhere was I going without meeting my mentors.

Then finally Aunty asked us to wait where we were. She came in an auto. I got in and she hugged me then and there. The wise one’s anger melted away. The younger one was shocked to see someone other showing so much love to his mother.

We went home. It smelled the same of badam milk and agarbathi, of love and familiarity.

But what I was not prepared to was the vagaries of age.

In our databases we nourish the same old image of years gone by without realizing that age might have caught on.

We caught up on memories, The other two ‘s eyes bulged out more and more. They had not prepared themselves for the love and memories that we exchanged.

And all the while I burnt inside

How could time tarnish my happy memories. Why aunty had to shuffle, why Uncle had to tremble?

But still there was a feast to gorge upon. We were touched. In spite of physical limitations Aunty had taken so much care to see that we were fell fed. And everything prepared by herself. In an age where we pick up our mobiles to order food for self or guests. Here was a woman in her late 60s who made everything herself for a friend’s daughter.

We got up to leave she hugged me again. I choked up. Will I be able to meet them again? How much more would Time have hurt them?

We came away wiser. Their love flowing through us which in turn strengthened our bond.

And while I say a prayer for them everyday, I say a request too now, please keep them in your loving embrace always.


Snigdha was reading a book, Mugdha came and called her, ‘Come lets go out have an ice- cream, come’

‘I don’t want to’, Snigdha replied, besides I should not eat ice cream, I may catch a cold’ . Mugdha went away crestfallen. Reena; Snigdha’s mother sighed.

Cancer does not just eat away your body, it eats your will too, she thought. A bubbly girl has been reduced to one who refuses to go out.

Snigdha had brain tumor which had been surgically removed. There were remnants of the tumor for which chemotherapy was done.

Archana saw the worried look on Reena’s face and came and hugged her, ‘Don’t worry everything will be fine’, she said

‘Do you think so’, Reena asked. Archana nodded a yes

Reena and Archana were not sisters but married to two brothers. They had been living together in Bahrain for the past 12 years and were more or less like sisters. each provided the comfort of family in a land far from home.

Mugdha was 10 months younger to Snigdha and both studied in Standard seven. Being almost of the same age, they were almost like twins.

‘Come we will go out to the court. There is football going on there’, it was Mugdha back again pursuing Snigdha.

‘Will you stop bothering me. I don’t want to go out and meet anybody. I don’t want to go out and show my bald head and I am not going to wear a stupid scarf’, yelled Snigdha.

It was Archana now who sighed and broke into tears. Both she and Reena sat down crestfallen. How were they going to handle Snigdha, how will they improve her morale, how will they make her go to school. How how how……

Meanwhile Mugdha slammed the door, Archana ran behind her.

After some minutes Archana was back. ‘What happened?’, Reena asked

‘She said she will be back soon’, Archana said.

In half an hour indeed she was back. And ran to Snigdha and said,’ Hello how do I look?’

There was a loud gasp.

Reena and Archan ran inside. Reena went into shock, Archana just sat down on the edge of th bed.

Mugdha had got her hair shaved off.

‘Now will you go out with me?’, she asked Snigdha.

Reena looked at Mugdha with love, admiration, respect. The love of sisters… it could repair anything whether it be damaged Morales or barren scalp.

Some time ago….


He was sad. And lonely. Yes his mother was staying with him but yet….

He knew he was a fool, a jerk but still…

He never knew how to behave in situations….

He ought to have said bye but why did he act so sullen, so withdrawn. She must be so upset. Ohh, he was such a fool!!

Hadn’t she adjusted so well in these alien circumstances. Yes from a sheltered life she had come to this township and had not she made it their home, Made friends within a short span of 9 months. Set up home, looked after his needs. And cooked well too even though she had never done so before their marriage.

Yes in someways she was childish too. Like every holiday she had to be taken for a movie, otherwise she would just ignore him as if he was non-existent. He smiled at those memories.

And wasn’t she a fast learner. She had demanded that he buy her an USHA sewing machine and in no time she had learn to stitch. He smiled proudly.

And then he become morose. So understanding and yet his behavior sometime made him ashamed of himself. Like the way he got angry when something was not done according to his liking or now when she went to her parent’s place for her first delivery as was the custom. Oh why, had not he smiled at least while she was leaving, why get angry?

How to tell her how he missed her, how to make her happy? How how?


My father never knew how to react to situations. Like when his wife, my mother was going for her first delivery, he was sad and yet he did not know how to tell her that and instead got angry.

He has always been like that but he also been dependable, loving, understanding and broad minded. And when amma handled home, he handled work and shared some responsibilities of the kids like teaching them, feeding them. My fondest memories of him are the times when he covered up my notebooks in the beginning of every school year and of him polishing my PT shoes and that is apart form him answering my numerous questions and taking me on a ride on his green scooter.

And today is his 75th Birthday!! I wish him a Very Happy Joyous birthday. Though I had meant to do a lot for my parents but could never do anything, I just hope that this post will rekindle the memories of the past and I think he will like ‘this’ gift.

Do you want to know what happened next,how he made amma happy.

My father had to tell his thoughts to my mother but there was a problem. My father did not know Kannada and amma did not know Malayalam ( Amma was born in Karnataka so she studied in Kannada medium, Papa in Kerala so Malayalam medium; konkani what we speak at home does not have any script. people write konkani in whatever script they can write. Like People born in Karnataka write konkani in kannada script, I write in Devanagari).

So papa learnt to write Kannada and started writing long letters to her. 😀

Love and all that..

V-day was over days ago but the mood in our home was still gloomy. V-day gloomy, you may ask?. Yes gloomy. I always get gloomy before and after ‘that’ day. First of all I see all the celebrations going around, a celebration which has never been celebrated by me and maybe never in the future too. Sigh…

In my younger days I never knew that there was even a day for love. Guys would give gals a rose, a gift whenever they could afford it. And the girls would write lovey-dovey notes whenever they could (which was more often by the way).

Married to a CA who was always lost in the world of figures this day was lost to him not because he did not love me but because V-day always came before the Union Budget and the end of the financial year. Why could not this day be shifted to some  day later in the year, I often thought.

But this year the V-day woes had new shades. My niece Kriti was staying with us. She had come over on some industrial training for 15 days to our town. This was her first week here and instead of being charged about her trip, the V-day, etc, I found her gloomy. You can imagine how the home looked like to my 7-year-old daughter with a gloomy mom, a gloomy sis and a ‘lost’ father’. Err lost means lost in work, come on people don’t take me so literally. And yesterday Shriya had told me that if I did not improve the situation at home, she herself would take admission into a boarding school.

I had to do something but how? Talking to Kriti was like talking to a wall. I have heard that walls have ears but Kriti…. I doubt if she even hears me. I suspect that there is a guy involved in her misery and so I called her mother, my sister. And then my sis tells me that maybe she is upset because of her boyfriend.

‘Boyfriend’, I ask, ‘but she is still a child’, I say.

My sis chuckles and says, ‘Kriti is 21 now my dear and has been steady with a guy senior to her by a year in her engineering college.’

‘Really’, I say.

‘But to tell you frankly I do not approve of him.’

‘That is understandable, she is your daughter and I doubt if you will approve of anybody.’ I say. My sis is like that, fiercely protective of whom she loves. I remember when my parents were looking out guys for my marriage even before my approval she had scanned each one of the proposals . .

‘Not like that rey, she said,’ but you know Kriti, she is a sensitive person and this guy is very ummm,  how to put it,….very practical. Like there are no candlelight dinner, no romantic gifts, no long rides etc. His idea of life is a stable career, good marks in exams… you know that kind. And our Kriti is not like that. I know he is a sensible guy but Kriti has to be handled with affection.’

‘Sounds like a rehash of my story’, I murmured and disconnected the line.

Now Kriti is the first of the third generation in our family. I still remember standing outside the nursery of the neonatal ward trying to have a look at the red faced baby. The nurse had pitied me and called me inside. I had peeped in at her and she had opened her eyes. Aww, I will never forget that moment.

Now I could understand a bit of her gloom. But a dull ache in the head had put its fangs on me and by evening it had become a roar.

I called up Kriti, ‘ I was supposed to go to see a play. A friend has penned the story and today is the first day of the show. can you accompany your uncle and Shriya. I have a splitting headache darling and just want to sleep. And when you return can you get some pizzas. I know you might have some pending work to be done at home but please for today, I need the house to myself.’

Kriti agreed and from her tone I could understand that she was hurt but what could I do?

When they returned home and opened the door, the lights were off, a table for four had been laid with candles, soft music played in the background. And then I moved forward, bent down on a knee gave her a rose and asked, ‘ will you be my valentine?’. She nodded a yes with tears in her eyes. And then we all became kids, we blew trumpets, we danced, we sang, we made merry until the neighbor banged our door. And then we attacked the food. There wasn’t anything fancy, all my energy had been spent in the arrangements. And so we had cake and crackers, chips and pizza and of course some cold drinks.

And then she asked, ‘Why all this?’

‘You were gloomy and then me and your mom had a talk’, I gave her a knowing look and then continued,’ so talked to your uncle and we made this plan’. Yes my Accountant husband has this streaks in him where in he can do anything for the people that he loves, maybe that is why my sister approved of him.

I had a tough time making the girls sleep that day and while I was switching off the lights in their room, Kriti murmured, ‘Mausi, this has been the best day of my life’. ‘So far’, I said for at the age of 21, she had lots of magical evenings yet to see.

Disclaimer- This story is entirely fictional and has no resemblance to any person living or dead

Bitter sweet

Anusha got down from the bus and walked briskly. It was 7pm, Her in-laws sat down for dinner at sharp 8pm whether she came late from office, kids not well whatever. Her thoughts went to her husband of 10 years, they were going to complete 10 years the next day and she wanted to make the day special, but how?

Naveen in the bus too was heading home, it would take him another half an hour to reach home. He cursed the traffic jam, he really had to reach home early, he had to help his son with his science project. ‘Its our wedding anniversary next Sunday, how to make it special?’, he thought.

Anusha meanwhile had reached home, as she opened the door, she saw the drawing-room in a disarray and her heart sank, this meant the maid had taken a holiday and she dreaded to enter the kitchen.

‘The maid didn’t come?’, she asked her mother in law

‘Hmm’, she replied busy playing solitaire.

She changed and ran to the kitchen, while she kept the Dal and the potatoes to cook in the Pressure cooker, she attacked the kitchen sink.

It was while she was washing the utensils that Shree her 5-year-old daughter sauntered by, ‘Aayi, I have English test tomorrow’

And Anusha’s heart sank. ‘Go bring your English text here, I will teach you here while I cook.’

‘But Aayi, Aaji taught me, I was just informing you,’ Shree said and ran away.

Anusha heaved a sigh of relief. Her M-i-l was a kaamchor when it came to housework but was very particular with her grandchildren. She did not have any qualms while in the office regarding the children. The house may be in a mess but the children would be dressed well, fed well and taught well too.

By 8 she dinner was ready and Anusha called her in-laws and the children. Her M-i-l said’ Oops I forgot to take my medicine’.

And Anusha broke down. She had had a rough day coupled with that the hurry in making dinner and she yelled,’ Alright now you will wait for 30 minutes by that time the rotis will be cold and you will ask me to heat it up again, but I won’t do it, you do it today’, she said and went to the bedroom.

‘Why should I do. Thirty years I have slogged in the kitchen, I won’t do it now. You reheat and give me’, the mil retorted.

Naveen heard it all while climbing the steps to their home and sighed. Anusha was in an important project right now, so he understood her irritation but only if she was a little patient and only if Aayi was cooperative. At that time an idea came to his mind, the perfect gift for his wife and an end to the war at home.

Later at night he discussed with his father,’Baba the new flat will be ready in 2 months I am thinking of shifting with Anusha and the kids there’

‘I have been thinking on similar lines Naveen, it will be better if you all go, the everyday war is getting on to me too,’ said Baba.

And so the next day on their 10th wedding anniversary they both touched the elders feet.And Naveen broke the news.

‘What’, screamed Anusha, ‘who will remind Aayi to take her medicines, what about Shree and Satya, won’t they miss their grandparents’

And Aayi screamed, ‘And what will Anusha do when she has a migraine, you know her migraine does not go until I oil massage her hair. Who will take the children out for their games?’

‘Yes, who?’, screamed both.

While Baba and Naveen shrank back.

Women, can anyone understand them?