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We were meeting after a long time. There was a lot to share, lot to talk. Earlier when we were teenagers we used to talk about boys. Then  we used to talk about jobs. And now….

Before having a child I had resolved that while in a group I won’t talk about my child. It had been my observation that we mothers tend to talk only about our kids which tends to be a heartache for the ‘non’ mothers.

And so until we talked generally I was an active participant, until the talk turned to kids.

Anecdotes, brags, worries all followed. I kept mum serving them snacks and tea.

‘Advait colors beautifully, sometimes I am wonder-struck as to how he got that talent because we two were never into any art, ‘ said one

‘That is wonderful, my Nisha has wonderful memory; she never forgets anything’, said another.

‘ Aryan runs so fast, I am sure he will go into athletics’, said the third.

‘What about you’, asked the first one to me, ‘your son is a loner I know’, she said making a long face.

‘My son loves mathematics, he is so good with numbers you know, I am searching for some abacus trainer…………….blah blah blah.


*fictitious but aren’t we mothers like that 😛