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The year 2009 had been a tough year for me. It was a year when I was searching for myself amidst numerous issues.  At that moment there was a contest in a weekly local newspaper on Valentines Day and my entry was selected and published too. Wasn’t much actually, just some lines but it inspired me enough to revive my writing. My identity crisis was such that I hoped to search myself through my writings and thus Searching Self was born.

Events so happened that by 2010 I was very sure what I wanted and took necessary steps towards it. Yes, blogging does help to discover oneself. 🙂

A lot has been happening lately. I am trying to juggle between housework, keeping up with the kid, study and trying to take baby steps towards devotional service.  The first step I took was with teaching children. And I tell you it’s not an easy task. Adults forget mistakes, kids don’t but then children forgive easily, adults do not. It’s a journey which requires one to be a student first and then a teacher. Altogether it is a task which I have found to be very enjoyable because:

  • it is not a formal task
  • I can improvise looking at the mood of the children
  • most importantly  it’s only an hour in a week 😀

The interaction is wonderful. Children have such an open mind, there are ifs and buts but they absorb information like a sponge and they are always so eager. So one week can be just sit and hear, another can be a workshop or a skit, there are so many ways to learn.


Some tidbits;


We are discussing about how Prahlad’s devotion had been disturbed by Hiranyakasipu and how Narasimha came to protect Prahlad. I was explaining the word Narasimha. Nara means man and Simha means lion when a small boy exclaims, ‘Mataji, lion is the king of the jungle’. And we all burst out laughing. 😛


We were rehearsing for Narasimha Chaturdasi. One day prior to the show the person enacting Narasimha wore the mask to be comfortable with it. After sometime we noticed that Prahlad is missing. The boy had been so afraid of the mask that he had hid behind the cupboards.


Whenever I am supposed to take a class, my son stands by me, to supply th necessary papers, crayon, sketch penetc. He make sure that everyone sits and listens.


One of the girls proceeded to India for her studies. A girl of 8 or so, she was our star. If we forgot a word in any story or prayer we could just ask her and she would oblige. And so on her last day here one of the matajis asked her, ‘P will you remember us?’ And she truthfully replied, ‘I am not sure Mataji, because I will have so many new friends, so much to study, so many Maharaj to hear…. so I don’t know whether I will remember you or not.’ 😛


I will be off-blogosphere for the next weeks so please excuse me if I am not able to comment on your posts.

Au revoir

Her father’s daughter

Radha was irritated. Very Irritated. She wanted to speak to her father but did he have any time for her other than his chanting and his devotional service. Nah, it was only them for him.

‘Why can’t he hurry up?’, she asked her mom.

‘And why didn’t you ask him yesterday, you had the whole evening to ask him?’,  said her mom.

‘I forgot’.

‘Then wait’, said her mom

‘I mean, why does he have to do all this?’

‘Radha, is it wrong to give a little time to the maker? The rest of the day he devotes to us, isn’t it? ‘, said her mom

‘Yes, I know, karma, bhakti, service, I know, Please don’t start all that again’, complained Radha.

‘Radhaaa’, he  was about to lecture her when Shankar, her husband and Radha’s father stopped her.

‘It is alright Savita, leave her, so what did you want from me?’

‘Dad, I have been selected for the school cricket team but the stupid school people want your signature on the consent form’

‘That is nice, congratulations’, and he took a pen and signed the form.

Radha took the form, took her bag and ran to her school

‘Why do you give her such a long rein. She has to learn discipline. And she always complains about your devotion…’, Savita said

‘It is alright Savita, she will understand, one day. She is young, she does not understand my views. She looks at the world and feels that her Dad does not fit in it. She does not understand the peace that  my devotion gives to me, or how it makes me a better person and the bliss I have. We have given her a good foundation, now it depends on her to branch out. She is still a tender sapling Savita, let us not pressurize her. A tender sapling breaks out in strong winds. Let us be her strength not her weakness.’



Radha was the extra person in her cricket team. It just meant that she served water to the others and kept everyone in good humor.

‘Hey Radha you are a much better player than that Ashu, don’t you feel bad to serve her water’, it was her friend Nishi

‘Why should I feel bad? She is playing and she needed water, I just gave her some, so what? And God is in everyone’s heart; so by serving her water, I am serving Him too isn’t it?, she said this and bit her lip. That was what her father said always. And she was surprised how she had echoed his words.

She carried on with her practice and her efforts and good nature were noticed. And it so happened that there was a crucial inter school match and three of their players were hospitalised due to a stomach infection and Radha was called on the field

She was scared. It was her first match and such a crucial one too. Her palms were wet. The heart beat so loudly that she was sure it would pop out any moment.  In her anxiety she wanted someone to give her support. At that moment she remembered the prayer that her Father had taught her when she was a child,

Ugram veeram maha vishnum

Jwalantam sarvato mukham

Narasimham bhishanam bhadram

mrityo mrityur namamyaham

And she felt a ray of calmness engulf her. And she went on the field to bat.

The match was a draw. But Radha had been not out and later she had fielded well too.

Radha would always remember that day as it was the first time she had played an inter school match. But most importantly because she had realized that she was her father’s daughter.


The Jagannath Rath Yatra commences today. So the believers can go ahead and pull the Ratha, the rest can look the other way. 🙂